A Day Too Dark

I had thought I’d be posting my annual Christmas greeting. But that will have to wait. For today is a day too dark for smiling.

Instead it is a day to be thoughtful, to be careful, to be mournful.

No matter who you are, or where you are, a day that includes children dying in their classroom is a day too dark.

Children die every day in this great nation of ours. Sometimes those deaths come at the hand of disease, sometimes from abuse. But today they also came at the hand of a young man only 10 or 15 years older than themselves.

What happened in those 10 or 15 years to make him do this?

I don’t know. But I do know what those children won’t be doing during the next 10 to 15 years they will never have.

Today is a day too dark for me. So I shall turn off my computer and gather my children close to my heart. We will bake cookies and make lasagna. We will sit on the couch and read books, perhaps watch a DVD tonight. And when they ask why I am crying, I will have no better answer than I am sad that today is a day too dark. But I am so very blessed that my day will have the radiant smiles of my children, making it a bit brighter.

Whoever you are, where ever you are, be well. Be safe and be comforted by the people you love.

2 thoughts on “A Day Too Dark

  1. So, so sad. I cannot imagine the losses, the horror for the surviving children and adults, and the depth of disturbance in a man who could do such a thing. Give your kids a squeeze from me, too, Kristina.

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