Enough Good Surprises

Back when I was pregnant with Biggest, the topic de jour was the gender of my unborn baby. To the folks who would ask, I always said the same thing, “I decided to not find out the baby’s gender.” Most folks’ reaction was of raised eyebrows, which then led to my remark:

There just aren’t enough good surprises.

And isn’t that the truth, regardless of person or place? We get bad surprises all the time in the form of broken alternators and dead batteries, moldy cream cheese and bread, quiz questions and medical test results. Some days it seems like bad surprises are all the universe can dish out for us.

But the good surprises? There can just never be too many of those kinds of surprises. Surprises like the birth of a baby boy or girl, a rainbow, a phone call from a long-lost friend. There just aren’t enough of the good surprises.

I was thinking about the good surprises I received lately and am feeling very lucky indeed.

0c48c3a842fa11e2a3d822000a1f9be5_6The first surprise’s arrival wasn’t 100% unexpected but my reaction to it was.

On Friday I refreshed my email’s “Track Shipment” button and saw that the package from my publisher was marked “out for delivery”. At that moment, my day’s list of planned errands screeched to a halt as I waited for the package which I had noted required a signature. Time passed.

Lots of time. And then Charlie finally went nuts barking at the door and attempting to leap through the closed window in the living room. Ah, the mailman had been by.

And on my front step lay a package he left unsigned-for, a box from my publisher, Buddhapuss Ink. Inside was some lovely swag and this…the anthology that includes my short story.

The surprise was how giddy I felt opening a published book and seeing my words typed right there for all the readers to see. And with that gorgeous book smell even! Yep, a great surprise to be so happy standing all by myself in my living room, tears in my eyes and happiness in my heart.

Fast forward several hours and tons more errands to Sunday morning. I woke up early not simply because my kitten was doing her wee-hours crazy-pants thing. No, it was a wild stress-anxiety-dream that woke me up. Having a stress dream is no real surprise for me because I have them as often as I have a big deadline or event. But that extra early wake-up got me to work early enough that I was able to spend some extra time allaying the fears of a few kiddos before we presented the Children’s Christmas Program.

80f8430e42fa11e2ba9922000a1f9c9a_6It was a great morning made even greater by a wonderful surprise, given by a very kind lady.

Aren’t these flowers beautiful? All reds and whites and filled with the flavor of holiday festivities?

(I love flowers. Talk about one of the best surprises from Mother Nature; flowers are both beautiful looking and smelling examples of allure and intrigue.)

So here it is Monday morning and I’m still enjoying the afterglow of my weekend’s surprises. The coffee is good, the music is reminding me of so many good times in the past and hinting at more in only 15 more days. The fire is dancing in the fireplace and I am enjoying the good surprises in my life.

I sure hope each and everyone of you gets a good surprise today. Maybe even two or three.

Because there just aren’t enough good surprises in life.

8 thoughts on “Enough Good Surprises

  1. When people asked me if I was going to find out the sex of our baby, I replied “Yes! One surprise was enough!” Congratulations on seeing your new baby in print.

    • I hear ya on that one. I did find out with Littlest – at my age there were so many tests and I was so freaked out I told Mister Soandso up front I was finding out. BUT, with each baby I had a “gut feeling” about the gender and I was right each time. 🙂 Too bad it’s not a resume-worthy skill… 🙂

  2. Those are GREAT surprises! I was actually talking to a friend about the whole concept of surprises the other day. When we’re little the notion of getting a surprise is exciting. Something shifts along the way and surprises come to mean unpleasant things: a bill you didn’t know was due, rounding the corner to find a new mess. It’s easy to forget that there are so many good surprises there, just waiting for us to find them.

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