Photo Shoots, NW Style

While other people were scheming over Black Friday bargains whilst sitting on their couches with their waistbands straining over that 3rd piece of pumpkin pie, I was hemming pants. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like the typical post-Thanksgiving activity, but for me, last night, it was. This morning I gore-texed my kiddos and put them in the car as we headed through the pouring rain drops to a meet my favorite photographer for a photo shoot.

A few things. Who on earth buys her kids pants that need hemming? And herself pants that also require a 4.5″ hem job? That would be me. I got so wrapped up in numerous other projects that I kept shuffling the bag of pants around the house while thinking, “I’ll get to them in a little bit.” As fate would have it, I didn’t. Which means that last night, after the last guest’s taillights were disappearing around the corner from my house, I was pinning and marking and then hemming, pants. It also meant that I was simply too tired from two 3-hour-of-sleep days to stay up to hem my pants. Which explains why they are held into place today with duct tape. (No silly, on the inside! Because it’s neon yellow duct tape, of course.)

We left the house in the rain and it was raining more when we got to the Fort for the pictures. And it continued to rain, which isn’t really all that big deal. After all, here in the northwest, if you wait for the weather to be great, you are going be forced to pack a whole lotta activities into that one nice week of weather in July.

Amy is a pro at working with kids to get the shot.

Amy was fabulous as always and I’m pretty sure she got some great photos of the kids. I trust her photoshop mastery as Biggest is sporting two scratches across his face (thank you Lucy!) and by the time I’d been showered upon, my mascara was more in touch with my face than my eyelashes.

I can’t wait to see what she got in the way of pictures. If you go to her web site, The Art of Joy, and look at the “family lifestyle” gallery, you can see seven shots from our session 4 years ago. If nothing else, you can see how tiny Littlest was as a 2 year old. Of course, you’ll have to guess which are my kids… đŸ™‚

Anyhoo, Amy is my favorite photographer. She did family photos for us before, took my professional head shots (that picture of me to the right is one of them!), and has donated her time for an auction item benefiting my job. In fact, that’s the reason behind this photo shoot – she’s up to more shenanigans benefiting the kids in this area.

So, if you’re in the market for a great photographer who has a big heart and an even bigger skill at making your screaming child, ahem, Littlest at age 2, still look great for a photograph, then Amy is your best pick!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go wash mascara off my face now.

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  1. Amy does sound like s great and if proffesional fam/kid photos become an option I sure .look her up.

    Now, go try to do nothing for a little while. Just a little while let someone or even no one do “All the Things”.

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