Coffee and a Chocolate Croissant

The rain has finally found our parched little corner of the world again. I’m typing here in my kitchen with the patter of raindrops against my windows, reminding me of other rainy days I’ve had. But then, I’m probably a bit more likely to be reminded of things today. After all, it’s my Middlest’s 9th birthday today.

Nine. Such a nice round number, three threes all connected together into nine-ness, perhaps even all dressed to the nines. Nine.

Nine years ago my “gut feeling” I was carrying a girl became my fact and not just my hunch. Nine years ago I was lucky enough to experience a labor and delivery with all the possible magic and none of the previous frustration. Nine years ago I was blessed to become a mother to a daughter. She was so alike my son, Oldest. And yet so different.

She was my “big” baby clocking in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces. She was my only girl baby. She was my only easy delivery. She was from that first moment everything my heart needed and more.

Today, my baby girl is nine. And still everything my heart needs from her and more. Having my daughter, as I wrote about here, helped me in many ways back then and time hasn’t changed that.

So right now I sit in my kitchen and listen to the rain while doing the thing I love more than any Mother’s Day card. Every year, on each of my three children’s birthdays, I sit with a cup of coffee and some small tasty treat, and I savor it. I savor the steam of the coffee, the sweetness of the treat, the sounds and the sights of witnesses yet another year of my child’s life beginning and my own wonderment of being that person’s mother.

Today it is a cup of Stumptown’s best and a chocolate croissant. Middlest loves chocolate croissants and while she might wish I’d brought home another one for her, this is my moment.

Me, a cup of coffee, a chocolate croissant, and the rain…reminding me of the multitude of blessings in my life.

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