Talking Poop Yo!

We’ve all done it — talked about someone or something in disparaging terms. Call it “venting” or “going stabbity” or whatever, there are times when airing our feelings, perhaps in even a less than favorable gossip-like way, feels like the right thing to do. But how comfortable are you to talk about actual poop? As in your own?

Me, not so much.

Oh, I know. We all poop. Heck, even I read that book. And it’s not like I’m especially bashful. It’s just that I have a bit more decorum (I’d like to think) than to talk about my poop. My kids, my pets, people in my life–talking about their poop is no problem. But mine? Er…

I bring up this rather taboo topic because this morning three radio personalities (remember back when they were simply DJs?) were talking about poop, particularly one man’s recent public pooping experience.

And the whole time I was thinking, “Wow. Not sure I could do that.”

Anybody with me on this aversion? Feel like discussing your own bathroom habits a bit too delicate for mass public conversation?

Is it me or is it weird to be weirded out by something we all do? I know I’ve cracked jokes (on stage no less) about poop. But I guess I’m not one for airing my bathroom issues in public. At least not that much.

So there ya go. Something to think about this Friday. To talk poop or not, that is the question.


5 thoughts on “Talking Poop Yo!

  1. Another question to add to your “subject” – How many of you have to look at the ‘product’ after you are done? I’m guessing near 100%. Yep, I’m with you Kristina. I can talk changing diapers, patient’s in the hospital on commodes, walking in the bathroom after the spouse is done and becoming asphixiated, but my own is taboo topic. Now farting is another subject…

    • Ok, sounds like some farting stories are in order. I have a blog post on that - (Not sure if that will be a clickable link or not…techno dunce here.) Anyhoo, thanks for reading!

  2. Over the years of IBS I’ve done way my share of poop talking, in clinical terms, in detail, ad-nauseum, blah, blah blah, word, word,word…word. Nope, not really up for it, the poop talking (“and I’d PREFER,” he says over his shoulder, “it Didn’t Listen!”)

    RE: “calling it in” – So you had a light post a few, I think you’ve kind of earned that, and ‘sides it’s just gonna happen. (don’t stop NOW, it’s just gettin’ interesting! 😉

    • Aw, thanks John. Lots going on these days and blogging is easy to put on a back burner. Plus, I’m ignoring the posts that I really want to write because they make my blood pressure go goofy. This time of year, I have to keep myself at a slow simmer. 🙂

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