Ouch Monday

What is it about Mondays that make folks talk about them in less than glowing terms? Do more bad things happen on Mondays or are we simply prepared to see things in a worse light on Monday mornings?

I’m not sure but mine sure isn’t going so awesomely. I’m not sure if today was a Thursday if I’d just shrug it off or if it would still feel like an attack of the Mondays.

Went to make 2 of my kids English muffins for breakfast. 2 of the 3 muffins in the bag were moldy. Realized this after Middlest was 1/2 through eating hers.

Decided to run to post office after dropping kids off at school. Website said hours are 8:30-5. Sticker on door says 9.

Thought another dose of caffeine might improve my morning. Went to indie coffee shop where there is no menu. Ordered a small non-fat latte from barista. Other employee rang me up: $3.15 for an 8oz. Ouch.  They must charge extra for the extra fancy leaf design in my cup of mostly foam.

Found critter pee on Middlest floor. Three possible suspects. None are talking.

Checked mouse trap. Funeral rites were needed a long, long time ago.

So, that’s how my Monday is going so far and it is technically still morning. Internet, send me a Thursday stat!