Succumbing to Cuteness or Why I Got a Cat

Ever find yourself oohing and awwwing over those pictures that litter the inter-webs, the ones that fill your Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit? You know the ones of a mama dog cuddling 8 kittens, or the fox and the fawn, or the giraffe and the lion cub, or the dolphin and the T-Rex? Okay, I made up that last one but you get my drift. All over the place is pictorial evidence that interspecies canoodling and cuddling happens. Rather like fur-covered “love sees no color” and all that. Well, I obviously have seen such pictures and I damn them. I damn them and their adorable furry little beastly hearts.

Because they made me dream. They made me dream that I too, could have such glory in my life.

Alas, I fear it is all a photoshopped ruse of grander proportions than Prince Harry and his Vegas tush. Oh yeah, that’s apparently the real deal.

What am I going on about so obviously caffeine and sleep deprived so that I am more depraved than usual?

I got a kitten.

I can’t help it. It was a weak moment. One of those weak moments where you find yourself succumbing to cuteness as if the puppeteer master of all is pulling your strings while laughing maniacally.

Or, your middle child is nearly begging.

So we had to take our old kitty to the vet. She’s not doing so great. Not horrible but not great. And there in the lobby in the abandoned critter cage is a fluffy black kitten. So Middlest plays with her. Takes her out of the cage for a petting-fest. Makes all those noises that never work on my cold, cold heart.

Except they did.

You see, I’d seen all those pictures of critters cuddling on the couch. Pictures of cats and dogs and lions and tigers and such things and my cold, cold heart was filled with hope.

What if we brought home a kitten for Pepper to hang out with? Surely it would make her feel better. Surely our dog Charlie would not hate a kitten with the fire of a thousand suns like he hates the neighbor’s cats who poop in our front yard’s grass. Surely this isn’t a bad idea.

Surely you jest.

Long story a bit shorter, this is Lucy.

Pepper does not like Lucy yet.

Charlie hasn’t decided if Lucy would make a tasty treat or not.

Still, I’m not sorry I succumbed. She is pretty dang cute after all. Even the sharp and pointy parts.

Also, it appears our pets’ names give a nod to Charles Schultz…Charlie, Pepper, and Lucy. You can draw your own conclusions.

ps. PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. And if they have babies, do not put them in dumpsters. Don’t be a horrible person.

4 thoughts on “Succumbing to Cuteness or Why I Got a Cat

  1. Ha! It happens to the best of us, and the rest of us. For now I am spared that by the fact that pets are not allowed in our lease. Though sometimes I do think it would be good for A-Boy to have a pet.

    Thanks, Kristina

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