My Monday Morning Time Bandit

I’m posting this late due to meeting my Monday morning time Bandit. Yes, Bandit, the little dude who stole my morning.

I got the kids off to school and went for a run and had breakfast and was heading into the shower all before 9:30. Yes, it looked like my day was sure to be golden. The glorious golden kind of day where you manage to cross all the items off your to-do list and still have time to sit down for a cup of coffee. But then my phone rang.

Mister Soandso had driven past a dog tied to a fence along a very busy street in town near our house. Would I go see if he was abandoned? So off I trooped, with wet hair and a worried heart, to meet this little guy.

Someone had looped the handle of his leash over a fence post and left him.

I knocked on all the doors along that stretch of the road. In addition to learning that no one was answering their doors, I also found out who lives in squalor and has no curtains. Back to the pooch, whose every rib I could count. He is a total sweetheart but with a rabies tag from a vet clinic in British Columbia, which last time I checked is a haul and a half from where I found him.

Before this, my only experience with animal control and the Humane Society was as someone going to find a forever furry friend to bring home to a forever home. Rather different to be on the other side of the equation. After ascertaining that it would take several hours for the officers to arrive, I volunteered to take the little pooch to my backyard while we tried to reach an owner who had called animal control with a missing dog matching this guy’s description.

I came back from picking Littlest up from the bus stop and the cacophony coming from my house was a thing of wonder. Not wonderful mind you. My dog was in the house barking and howling at the dog in the backyard who was also barking and howling. And apparently using his prodigious muscles to pull the ladder off my kids’ playground. And speaking of prodigious, well, this beautiful little boy has obviously never seen the business end of a veterinarian’s scalpel.

Anyhoo, Littlest and I drove him across town to the Humane Society’s animal shelter where they told me his name is Bandit and his owner listed him as missing over a week ago. How he managed to get the 18 miles from him home to where I found him, well I don’t want to think about it.

I just hope this little Bandit is able to get home to his own bed, his own family and his own kibbles tonight. And may he remember a certain little boy who cried big tears over having to let him go even though it meant another little boy might cry big tears of happiness over getting him back.

Take care of yourself Bandit.

6 thoughts on “My Monday Morning Time Bandit

  1. I volunteer at an animal shelter (and foster a pit/lab) and cannot imagine how many times people WON’T stop to help an animal or bother to care for one, even briefly. My personal belief is that the individual’s true character comes out at such moments. But after reading your blog/tweets for many months, I could have predicted your compassionate response for that little guy—or anyone in need for that matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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