I’m Not Here

Today, instead of being focused on you and my normal world, I’m focused on me. Which is a fine thing, right?

I’m at the Hand Hotel in Fairplay, Colorado at the YA with Altitude Writer’s Retreat. The hotel is purported to be haunted and while I haven’t yet had any overtly corporeal experiences, let’s just say I’m open to it.

I’m also very open to finding more about myself as a writer and the writing community I have joined here in lovely Colorado. So while I’m eating lots of chocolate, drinking wine, and talking about writing, here is a lovely photo for you to look at until I return on Monday. This is what’s outside my window right this very moment. Enjoy!

I know I will.

Have a ghost story? Feel free to share it in the comments and I promise I’ll tell you mine…

1 thought on “I’m Not Here

  1. No ghost story here, but I look forward to hearing yours.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time–it sounds marvelous there!

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