Time to Play

The kids and I are home today. Littlest wanted to know what kind of cake we were going to have to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and I may have burst a bubble or two with my response which sounded a bit like “why on earth would we have cake?” Mama-win moment #1 for the day; merit badge for me by end of day for sure! I cajoled his broken heart back to a happier place, and off they scampered for the various kinds of play while I put a few miles on my treadmill.

There is nothing like huffing and puffing on an endless loop to make a person think about play.

I wasn’t a very playful child. That explains so much, doesn’t it? (smile) In fact, I don’t have much time devoted to play in my adult life either. And that also explains so much.

Because people need to play.

A bit ago, I was scrolling through some photos on the computer and Middlest noticed

20120116-122142.jpg this one, taken last fall. Mister Soandso took it and more than once has commented that he likes it. Middlest looked at it and proclaimed, “I like that picture. Mostly your smile.”

What I like about it is I was playing. This photo is proof that I can be playful.

I think it is time to get more playful, to have lots and lots of more photo opportunities of being playful. Because when we remember to be playful, we remember what it was to look at the world with the eyes of a child…filled with wonder and joy.

Yes, it is time to play.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I might go sit on the swing and see how high I can make that swing fly.

4 thoughts on “Time to Play

  1. Like you I wasn’t much of a child when I was a child. Probably due to a father who was always on the verge of death and being hauled from my bed in the middle of the night by my ‘ children need to know the truth’ mother to say goodbye to my dad before the amaublance took him away, again in case he never came home again( cue mother). I spent 14 years of my childhood eating steamed turkey off of paper plates in a Cardiac ICU. Our family doctor was always a family friend and he told my mom that I had ‘missed my childhood’ Well I want to tell you that when I got older I went searching for it and found it and now in my grey haired days, there is nothing I love to do more than play. Joyfully, fearlessly and most importantly foolishly. I tackle life now when I can with reckless abandon. That would be me when my son brought his fiance to stay with us and she mistook me as her personal sevant, that raced across the Hill of Tara and danced with the spirits there, while she whispered in my son’s ear ‘Is your mom alright’. He knew what I was doing and just said’ That’s my mom. She likes to be different’. So I say Vive la Difference. Long live Fun and to hell with the begrudgers:}

  2. This post makes me happy. With all the work and mommying and cleaning and bills and appointments and, well, junk, we forget to just play most days. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. I’m another “not much of a” child who had to learn to channel the inner toddler when I had my own. I was a thoughtful kid, with my nose always in a book. My son taught me the joys of just running “because” – and even at 16, he still thinks homemade cake is a good idea for ANY occasion. I’m glad no one suggested it for MLK day or I’d have been baking for sure!!

    That’s a great leaf photo – I totally see why you like it!

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