Get Your Joy On!

A truly great a person I follow on Twitter tweets incognito. She does this because she is an editor with one of the Big Publishers and so incognito is the way to go. Although I can’t help but think she’d get lots and lots of chocolate/booze/flowers/et cetera if people knew how to actually get them to her. But I understand and actually find her avatar so stinking cute that I’m glad she is only an adorable forehead surrounded by books. Sometimes, mysterious is really fun. Also, if NYCEditorGal is reading this, I’ll make good on the chocolate someday. I pinkie swear.

Anyhoo, she tweeted this lovely gem earlier today, “Author delivered his ms today with link & note: ‘This is how I’m envisioning your reaction to receiving this.'” Which, of course, I opened. And loved every second of it. In fact, I’ve watched probably 12 times already because it makes me happy. And here it is:

The Happiest DJ In The World

Here is a man who obviously is loving not only his job, but that very moment of his life.

And so here is my challenge to you:

DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT MAKES YOU JOYFUL! I’m talking get out there and do something that makes you so stinkin’ happy that your feet won’t stay still, your smile won’t quit, your fingers just beg to dance. That kind of joyful. Because being joyful and joy-filled is the reason for living.

  • Eat some chocolate cake so delicious you do the seat-dance-of-joy.
  • Put your favorite music on the machine, turn it up loud and do a dance-party in your kitchen.
  • Go for a walk with your favorite person.
  • Watch that television show that makes you smile nearly as much on the outside as you do on the inside.
  • Go swing.
  • Invite your neighbors over for appetizers and a board game.

Whatever, just do it.

And you know there are people in your lives who need some joy. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were to get so full of your own joy that it spills over and they can share it too? Maybe it isn’t loud and boisterous joy. Maybe it’s quiet and looks peaceful like holding hands. But if it is joy-filled, it will change your day. In a small way, it will change you.

And then leave a comment here on how you got the joy-FULL back in your day.

It’s the weekend people, might as well enjoy it! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go rock out to The Proclaimers.

“I will walk 500 miles, and I will walk 500 more…”

8 thoughts on “Get Your Joy On!

  1. “Eat some chocolate cake so delicious you do the seat-dance-of-joy.”

    My daughter has noted that my side of the family has a food-anticipation dance. We’re reduced to puppies when someone cooks for us.

    She claims it’s possible to identify sides of the family just by watching people walk through a kitchen. The ones who close their eyes and do a little dance? They’re related to me.

    Now going to bliss out to The Waterboys.

  2. I love Fridays. They are my ‘Why days’ or better still my ‘Way Not Days’ I live poetry and music . I fondly remember a famous musician who wrote my eulogy years ago that sovdelighted me and made me feel special that I dig it out from time to time to validate me in a time when I was a priceless commity in the literary world. There was a time when I was the go to gal and I will be again . Thank you Kristina for your honesty and your guiding light.

  3. I wish we lived near each other so I could totally hug you for this. And give you chocolate and board games and appetizers.

  4. The Greek word for “joy” is “chara”–the root of “character”. Joy shapes who we are. As for me, just being with my wife and friends makes me joyful.

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