Being Thankful for the Great State of Randomousity

Between hearing a young friend has a healthy baby boy after an emergency C-Section and the upcoming day of Thanksgiving, I’m feeling both thankful and thoughtful. And whenever I get thoughtful before noon, things are likely to get random. Because as we all know, I earned the nickname “The Random Ah” for good reason. Some thankful-for-worthy things that are flitting through my head and in no particular order because that is the way they flit, are as follows:

  1. Holey moley, thank goodness that all three of my kiddos were born healthy and aside from some at-the-time scary or interesting bits, their arrivals into this world were absolutely mundane in their normalness.
  2. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it is about being together in community rather than giving and receiving stuff. Love that. So. Much.
  3. When I was a kid and we got the new calendar from the insurance salesman, the first thing I did was turn to the month of October. Not because it is my birthday month, but because I craved seeing the beautiful autumn leaves coloring the New England village the most beautiful shades of glory. Still love those pictures all these years later.
  4. I am so thankful for the people in my life. I guess that pretty much sums that one up.
  5. I am 43 years old and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  6. I hope that whatever I happen to be is good and makes the world better–even in some small way–for having been here.
  7. I don’t like stuffing inside the turkey. Yuck.
  8. I also don’t like oyster cornbread stuffing which my husband’s family considers one of the pillars of their Thanksgiving meal. I choose to see this as an opportunity to eat more pie.
  9. People give meaning to particular foods and the celebrations/events to which they attach that food such as the aforementioned stuffing. My husband now associates Christmas with my Christmas Lemon Cake and Rum Balls. I’m not sure if it is my baking skills or ability to put rum in all things that he more appreciates. In either case, I’ll be making him both before the end of December.
  10. Christmas is stressful for me. But not because of baking all things soaked in rum.
  11. I am a terrible housekeeper now. Before I was outnumbered so badly, my house, car, desk, and other such places were fairly tidy with the exception of times of great activity. Now my entire world is a disastrous time of great activity on most days.
  12. Did I mention that this Thanksgiving I am hosting possibly 21 people for dinner?
  13. I clean house by setting a timer for 10 minutes and then cleaning from room to room in 10 minute increments. I think I must have ADD.
  14. I also fight a constant battle between my dual personalities of pacifist and champion of the underdog. On one hand I cry “why can’t we all just get along?” while on the other I want to beat the hell out of the bullies and immoral asshats of the world. Makes it rather confusing to be in my head most times.
  15. Speaking of crazy, there are three books (works in progress) dueling in my head at any given moment in a day. Yes, three. The novel I have written and am now editing, the novel I have outlined and am writing scenes for, and the new idea that came to me a few months ago. THERE ARE A LOT OF VOICES IN MY HEAD TO LISTEN TO AT ALL TIMES. So if I seem to be ignoring you, well, I’m a little busy.
  16. Certain activities make the voices louder. Laundry being one of them.
  17. There are five people in my home. Two of them exercise regularly. We go through at least 54 pairs of socks a week. That makes for a lot of sock-matching in my world.
  18. I hate dusting. I pretty much only do it on occasions where there will be 20-some people in my house at one time.
  19. I love my house when it is clean.
  20. Having a totally random and monkey-mind like mine makes clutter and chaos fairly difficult to cope with because such a mind is easily distracted by all the voices clamoring within it as well as all the freaking socks to be rounded up and dug out from under the couch. Oh, pretty shiny thing under the couch cushions, what are you?
  21. I have already found the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator. What am I going to be like in 40 years? Oh yes, a resident in a care facility.
  22. A former classmate told me that in high school he always thought I had things pretty much together. Whoa nelly was I a good actress back then or what?
  23. Speaking of acting, I’m terrible at it. I’m also terrible at many games because I can’t seem to remember key rules. Completely hopeless in fact. For example, I spend so much time trying to remember how the little horsey-dude moves around the board that a 3 year old can beat me in chess.
  24. In addition to not playing chess, I don’t play poker, Monopoly, Risk, or Tiddly-winks. I do really like pinochle, cribbage, rummy, 42, and a few others. I’m not real sure what makes one game appeal to me and not another but it is probably safe to say there is some correlation between energy spent figuring it out and probability of winning. Or in the case of Monopoly, how long I could wait to pee because my sister was a notorious cheater at that horrid game.
  25. I also don’t build with Legos or play with dolls. In my children’s eyes, I am an abject failure.
  26. I do however, excel at cooking and baking and I let them use big, sharp knives. This makes me awesome in my children’s eyes. Although I still haven’t managed to teach them how to flip pancakes without either burning themselves or end up with pancakes flipped half off the griddle.
  27. When I fail in the kitchen, it is impressive. I once had cinnamon rolls explode out of the pan. Go big or go home, right?
  28. Remember being 5 and thinking 19 was a big number? In anniversaries it is the “bronze” year. My bronze year is on the 28th. (Love you honey!)
  29. I will probably tweet, post, or somehow electronically share all kinds of pre-screened photos of our anniversary trip this year. Yes, you can preemptively hate me right now.
  30. I apparently am easily influenced by social media because I already know I’ll be tweeting, Facebooking, posting, et cetera pictures from my vacation AND I just did that whole “30 Days of Being Thankful” thing that is circulating Facebook like a case of the clap in a small fishing village. But I did it my wonderfully, wacky and random way. Which both you and I alike should be thankful for.

Alrighty there. I’m done. There are socks to match, toilets to scrub, and pies to be made. I’ll see you all again next Friday – a day on which I NEVER go shopping or spend any money because that’s how I roll…tell me that I must be camped out at 4 am to get my Christmas gifts early and there is no way in hell I’ll even buy a can of Spam that day. Besides, this year, how about we all shop for our friends and loved ones at local artisans, or make homemade spaghetti sauce to give away, or knit up some tea cozies, or well, whatever. You get the idea. I’ll see you on Friday. And I’ll be thankful for having the chance to do so.

5 thoughts on “Being Thankful for the Great State of Randomousity

  1. Thank you for the extended view inside your mind. I am both intrigued and terrified at some of our similarities. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. That is a fine list and one that I can relate to one many points.(the voices, Ah the Voices! “shut the Hell Up!” “No YOU shut the Hell up!” “You’re terrible!” “yeah well you not attractive and you still dress like you mama dresses you funny” etc., etc., etc.,) and that’s just the Nice Ones. D’oh! But then I remember my list, which has nice, relatable, folks like you on it. Or, I see a bright shiny object, and forget what they were saying anyway. And, as Emmy said(that’s what we call our daughter Amelia, by the way) – as she said, Thanks for the extended, and sometimes oogie-ly familiar look into you.

  3. With you on #5.
    And I have finally discovered the essential difference between Americans and Europeans – you say Legos, we say Lego (as a plural).
    Think it might be the same with British v rest of Europe when it comes to euros v euro.

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