Get Your Happy On

Halloween. Loved by some. Abhorred by others. Ignored by many. There is a spectrum of Halloween happiness and folks in the United States (as well as a handful of other countries) fall all about that spectrum. Most likely because they’ve been tripped by some ghastly ghoul, a wee-caped-hero, or a dog dressed in a cheerleading costume.

Myself, I vacillate all over the place on the subject of Halloween. But then I remember times change. Although the holiday is firmly grounded in the Celtic tradition of Samhain and then modified by those early adopters (the Romans and then the Catholics), today’s celebration of Halloween is different. We need to embrace today’s reason behind the season of Halloween: the kids.

Today, we might not be celebrating the end of the harvest, warding off spirits or remembering our dead, but we do play homage to that side of ourselves too often untended: our inner child.

So tonight, get your happy on. Hopefully with someone you enjoy. And may you get at least a Twix, Goodbar, Big Hunk, or Twizzler stick out of the deal.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Happy On

  1. I have seen more “inner children” dressed up this year than real children. πŸ™‚ It rocks!

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