Hopeful Spirit

The other day I received this figurine. She stands almost 11 inches tall and is a bit more earth toned than the lighting on the photo show. She’s a lovely mixture of greens and browns and burnished coppery tones. She is really quite wonderful.

If you’ve been in my house, you’ve probably noticed that the number of books vastly outnumber the number of nicknacks. While appearing to be a decorating choice, it is really more of a statement regarding my approach to dusting…I don’t dust aside from a once or twice a decade and books more effectively hide dust than items begging a closer inspection. However, I do have a collection of Demdaco pieces that I love. Now I have this new Kelly Rae Roberts/Demdaco piece gracing the collection on my mantle. I love it. And the nice thing about needing to dust the things you love is the chance to touch an item that reminds you of how you were touched by the person or time relating to when you received it.

In case your eyes have the acuity of my middle-aged peepers, this is what she says:

hopeful spirit

in our best moments,

we understand that

our vulnerabilities

are what connect us,

that there is beauty

in every step of,

the journey,

that we can love bravely.

offer comfort to our younger

broken selves,

and soar, always soar

on the brightness 

of being alive.

The poetry student that lives in my heart loves this poem and its use (or misuse) of conventions and enjambment to depict the hopeful spirit. Many, many thank yous to my friend Luna Pereira of  Esencia Bodywork in Portland, Oregon for seeing the hopeful spirit in everyone, but especially within me.

May each and every one of us have a best moment today and every day.

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