What Do These Words Really Mean?

I love words and this language of ours.  The feel of words as I say them, the sound of word patterns, the power of them–all these things and more make me love words and language. Words create reality, clarity, self-awareness, acceptance and joy. And yet, there are many times when words leave us questioning, wondering, wrecked. The distance between the effects of “I love you” and “There has been an accident” is so great that it cannot even be measured.  Joy, suffering…what a difference a word makes. But words are powerful even when they don’t seem to be emotional powerhouses.

The other day I was in a conversation and the speaker added a few words to a sentence.  They were an after thought, something tossed in at the last moment of that conversation.

They left me to wonder, “what do these words really mean?”  Is there a sub-text that I don’t understand?  What is the speaker really trying to tell me?

And I don’t know.  It wasn’t until later that I really stopped to think about how the speaker tossed that handful of words into the conversation much like Julia Child would have tossed some more parsley into the soup pot.

I suppose I could go ask the speaker what those words mean, but the conversation, like the moment, is gone.  Much like all those yelling matches of my youth where afterwards I cried to myself, “I wish I’d said…” I am left to only wonder what would I now know if only I had asked for more words.

The question is, would those additional words have added clarity and closure?  Or just added to the angst?

Ah, the power of words.  To be so much and yet so little to so many so often.

And so I leave you with these 12 words:  “May you find peace in your home, your heart and your world.” May they have the power to comfort, create clarity, and bring you joy.

2 thoughts on “What Do These Words Really Mean?

  1. ” To be so much and yet so little to so many so often.” What a great assessment in a nutshell. Glad to know I’m in such good company in the matter of words, the words that matter…

    Thanks for this post Kristina

  2. I obsess over words.

    I love the gift of words.

    There was a post I prepared for a blogger, Anna, who so unbelievably lost her 12 year old son in last week Thursday’s floods.

    I hated having to write it, but I knew I had to honor Anna, and her son.

    That short post took me almost 5 hours: every word, had to be the right one.

    It couldn’t be sappy, it couldn’t be dramatic, it couldn’t be trite.

    It had to be Just.Right.

    I love this post.

    Thank you.

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