Monday Morning Mojo

Most folks I know complain about the inevitable rolling-back-around-ness of Monday.  We complain about getting a case of the Mondays, or that Monday seems to have reared its face yet again.  I don’t know about everybody else, but it isn’t so much that I don’t want to see Monday, but I’m sad to see my weekend go.  I’m sad to see the arrival of all the “week” stuff and the dismissal of all the “weekend” stuff.  But mostly, Mondays make me miss all the stuff I had hoped I’d do over the weekend.

This Monday was like most other Mondays.  Well, sortof.  You see, this Monday heralded the beginning of Kindergarten Prep for Littlest which meant that this Monday was a Monday filled with crying and arguing and much nashing of teeth.

Having August 15th arrive on my personal and my family’s collective calendars means there is no denying the passage of time anymore.  This summer is nearing its completion whether we feel like we’ve had enough days of sun or not.  The middle of August means that the list of things we want to do this summer is either going to get put into fast-forward or left undone.  Turning to August 15 means fewer than a month’s worth of lazy summer mornings.

But this August 15th is also the day where my baby takes a step over the cusp I’ve been trying to ignore for a few months.  Today he steps into that great gap between babyhood and adulthood better known as childhood.

And he was terrified.

First he was crabby over the shirt I picked out for him.  Then he decided post cutting that instead of toast triangles what he actually wanted was toast rectangles.  Then…well, it was a horrid fifteen minutes or so.  And then I asked him, “are you nervous about going to Kindergarten Prep?”

“Yes,” he said as his lip began to quiver.  “I won’t know any of the kids there and the teacher is new and what if I don’t know what to do or the right answer or where the bathroom is or anything?”

Out in a great big rush, tears flowing and hands clenched next to his plate, Littlest broke down and broke my heart.

“Well, Biggest and Middlest and I will be right there. And none of the other kids knows exactly what to do either, so you’ll be just like everybody else.  And you know what?  The teachers there are really good at explaining to kids what they should do.”

This Monday morning’s mojo was that magical reminder was this:  Stop.

Stop the hustle and bustle and trying to suck the very last drop of life’s elixir out of the moment.

Stop the worry about tomorrow and the nostalgia for yesterday.

Stop the borrowing of trouble for what tomorrow will bring.

Just stop.

And take the people in your life into your arms and breathe in their particular smells and capture this very special moment in your heart forever.

This summer might nearly be over, just like Littlest’s years as my last baby are just about over.  But that is fine.  This season is really no better than any other and Mondays are just as wonderful as Saturdays.  Perhaps even more. Because Mondays are a reminder that the best part of life is living it, moving through the cycle of days as they add up to weeks and months and years.

Good morning Monday.  Thank you for coming with your mojo.

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mojo

  1. Awesome Monday post. Thanks for the re-mojo-minder. We start back to school tomorrow – only in my son’s case, it’s his junior year of high school. The time between that pre-kindergarten morning and the penultimate year has gone so fast. I’ll definitely be taking time to smell the roses.

  2. A fine bit of writing, a finer bit of thinking/feeling/”crazy love thing”(yes I watched Mars Needs Moms)

    “Just Stop” I’m usually wary of any sentence that begins “Just”. But in this case, entirely apropos.

    Thanks for this, as always.


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