Seeing and Looking

John Lubbock once said, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”  I like this quote because it reminds me that relationships are a very “rich tapestry” indeed.  What  we look for in situations, and therefore see, is dependent upon our proximity to that situation.  It is only with distance, often in geography or in time, that we are able to see the greater picture.

In the past eight days I have had many, many opportunities to look for the good in others and thus see them as as such.  Conversations by campfire, around the breakfast table, in cars, in cafes and in the quiet of the late night.  All these conversations were impacted by what I was looking for and what I was willing to see.

But it isn’t enough to look for the good  in order for that to be seen.  Clarification is sometimes needed to fully see what is happening.  Clarification allows us to step back and bring more of the situation into focus.

So right now, I am going to go spend some time with my youngest kids.  I’ve been hearing them chatting for a few minutes so it is time to go look at what they’ve been doing.  I hope I am able to see their handiwork as a magical fort or perhaps a tent out in the woods.  Because I know when I look at it, it will seem at first to be a jumble of couch cushions and blankets.  But perhaps, just perhaps, it can be more than that to me.  And so I will ask for clarification.  Which I’m pretty sure will require I sit under a blanket with my legs pretzeled and eating linty gummy bears.  And I’m really, really hoping I can see this Monday morning like they do…filled with reasons to giggle in the near dark with sugar-laced breath.

2 thoughts on “Seeing and Looking

  1. I always liked talking to my English teachers in high school & in college(or in collage for that matter), You and a few other of my favorite tweeps often remind why. It’s because y’all can talk some mighty fine sense, when ye take a notion. Or, is it when a notion takes you?

    Yes! Believing IS SEEING. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. Substance counselors see us ALL as one step away from deathly addiction, Politicians see, well hell, I’m not sure WHAT they see, but it sure isn’t me. And on & on & on…..As you say “step back…big picture”, It’s a major relief from tunnel vision.

    That said, I will continue to Choose to try to see the good in all others, though some make it Damn difficult.

    Thanks for this.

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