On Being a Camper

If all goes well, it is Monday and you are reading this. Also, if things are going well, I’ve survived the start of my first time directing an outdoors camp. Another assumption is that this dang post has actually loaded. One can only hope, right?

For those of you with outdoor school backgrounds, I know you are raising your eyebrows. After all, what’s not to love about outdoors camp? Nothing, I’m told. Yes, I’m a director at a camp and I’ve never been a director before, never been a counselor before and never been a camper before (aside from a week in 6th grade of which I can remember 2 things: washing dishes and identifying trees based on bark).

So right now, it is Saturday and the sun is shining in that beautiful way it does. My coffee is warming my cup and my tummy. And I’m compiling lists of all the minutia that still must get done before I start driving in a few hours.

The first thing on my “stop at the store and buy list”? Cold medicine.

Yes, my inaugural outdoors camp experience is starting with cold symptoms. I guess instead of tying a name tag around my neck, I’ll just tie some God’s Eye yarn around a box of Kleenex and wear that. Everybody will know who I am within moments.

Feel free to mention your own camper stories in the comments. After all, I’m going to need some humor when I get back and am doing all that laundry…

4 thoughts on “On Being a Camper

  1. What Linda said–that’s one item off the checklist!

    It’s been years since I last attended camp. I know I did some overnight camps, but the biggest thing I remember about camp is eating a blackberry off the vine only to feel something crawling in my mouth. It’s my hope you’ll not find a spider crawling in your mouth, so hopefully the little I remember of my camp experiences doesn’t bear any similarity to what you’re in the middle of experiencing!

  2. Camping is fun. Either the tiny tent high in the mountains looking out over shining lakes far eblow.
    Or the gas bbq, cool boxes of beer variety.

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