The Miracle of Babies

*Disclaimer:  Do not read this post if you are expecting a baby or are a new parent, grandparent, or are easily offended.  You have been warned.

There is a fascinating phenomenon about newborn babies and I’m not just talking about their ability to get poop all the way up to their hairline, five times in one day.  No, I’m talking about the way they can reduce intelligent people into blathering idiots.

When a baby is born, most people go on about how adorable the baby is.  And frankly, newborns aren’t adorable unless you are quite enamoured with  little old men with no necks.  Because newborns all look the same: squinty eyes, bad skin, misshapen heads and basically looking like they’ve spent the past 40 weeks (or so) in rather tight confines.

And yet, we look at them and melt.  This is the miracle of babies.

Because if the parent(s) emotionally bond with their baby, that baby is the most beautiful and adorable baby in the world.  The parent will spend hours in abject adoration gazing at the little person.  Which is good because it gives the parent something to do since the poor parent isn’t going to be sleeping much anyway.

So what is it about a newborn that makes us act this way?  What causes us to see a newborn as beautiful when in reality newborns are fairly funny looking and nothing close to the cuteness they will be at 6 months, or 9 months, or 18 months, or 36 months, or even 180 months?  I know with each of my kids I would stare in wonder as I cooed at them and snapped hundreds of photos of the poor kid’s amazing beauty.

The true miracle of babies is that they refuel our ability to see beauty and have hope.  They allow us to see the wonderment that is life and to be inspired to live life as fully as possible.  Babies allow our hearts to grow three or even four sizes larger, even if the baby is no relation to us.  Babies are the embodiment of hope that this world will continue to spin, the sun will continue to shine, and the heavens will continue to light up our nights.

Babies are miracles because they allow us to be reborn as well.  And each and every one of you was a miracle to someone once.  In fact, you still are.

9 thoughts on “The Miracle of Babies

  1. Yes! Newborns are never cute! Lovable, yes. Cute no. And yes, they will reaffirm all that is that whole circle of life, cosmic thang.

    Thanks for another fine post.

  2. Short & sweet, this. I’ve gotten myself in “trouble” more than once by noting that Newborns are not, as a whole, very good looking. “they all look like little red monkeys” will generally do it. But it’s true.
    None-the-less, they are pretty adorable. Damned good thing, or the human race would have ceased to exist a looooong time ago.

    I remember reading a piece a long time ago theorizing that all baby mammals are cute by design, just to ensure parental units will put up with them. It was meant to be a serious piece I think. Hmmm.

    Thanks for another fine post, Kristina.

  3. LOL! True. I think there is some sort of genetic imperative to make sure we all think newborns are adorable. It ensures survival of the species.

  4. My youngest, who was born at 28 weeks, resembled an alien life form, and I have never seen anything so beautiful.

    • Isn’t it amazing how they show themselves to us and how we see them? My oldest was born with a significant “angel kiss” from his nose to the crown of his head. I thought there’d never been such a beautiful baby born. Ever. And yet today he is even more beautiful because he has shown me so many more things…about himself, me, and the world.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

    • Oh yes, I agree. In fact, I may need to find a kitty to snuggle…without my aging and crazy cat realizing my philandering ways.

  5. Yesterday I met someone who dribbled on my crotch, threw up over my shirt and gobbed on my sleeve – all before an important business meeting. But it was lovely, she was lovely and of course, you already know, she was just a few months old. Some people are just keen on babies. I am. But I’m happy to borrow other people’s and not keep having new ones myself.

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