The Importance of a Traveling Buddy

When facing the unknown or the next chapter in life, it helps to have a friend to travel that path along side you.  Some of those friends are furry.  Some have bad breath or limp.  Some take up lots of space.  And some never complain or are too busy to give you a hug or stop for a snuggle.  These are fine friends, in deed.  May you always have at least one in your life.

With Coral, his best buddy in his whole wide world, September 2003

Sometimes you just need a friend to hug when the world seems a little scary or a little too big.

At other turning points in life, it helps to be reminded that you’ve been at the start of a new journey many times before.  And that every journey starts with a single step, a single determined moment when you believe in yourself.

With his prize, won by redeeming a year's worth of achievement stickers, June 2011

At time like that, it helps to hold onto the things that remind you of how big you are, even when you might feel small.

My sweet Biggest, may your tomorrows never be without the support of those who make you feel safe, loved, and capable of achieving any dream you dare to dream.

So many times you’ve told me, “I just want to change the world, Mom.  I just want to make it better.”

You already have my sweet boy.  You already have.

With all the love, support and dream-catching I can give you, Mom

3 thoughts on “The Importance of a Traveling Buddy

  1. “it helps to hold onto the things that remind you of how big you are, even when you might feel small.”

    I just love this. Thank you for this post and the adorable pictures!

  2. Good traveling buds are indeed very important, perhaps even vital in this long, strange trip we’re all sharing. It’s nice that in the best of circumstances we can build and train our own bestess buds “from the kit” (from which they always omit the manual )

    p.s. I didn’t forget you, I actually made three attempts right after this was posted, but they were on the most Annoying excuse for a smart phone ever(blackberry, but it’s what I got)


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