Not A Tail-Wagging Kind of Day

If I was a smart blogger, I’d have a few emergency blog posts all spit-shined and ready to go in the unlikely event of a water landing, so to speak.  But I’m not much of a smart blogger apparently because this morning when I looked in desperation at my draft blogs, they all suck in various amounts.  So here I am, typing away with a tear-streaked face and a sad panda little self.

My Mondays and Fridays start a bit crazy as I get the kids all set for school in a mad-dash kind of way, then they get nice and mellow as I sit in my comfy office chair with a cup of coffee and type up whatever comes to mind.  And it really looked like that would be today’s happy matter as well.  Until I caught my dog’s tail in the storm door on our way back from the bus stop.

For those of you who don’t know Charlie, let me introduce you.  This is Charlie, our nearly 6 year old Greyhound-Boxer mix.  He’s a good guy.  A character even.  He’s the kind of dog who takes his job of protecting his kids so seriously that he does not like strangers walking down his sidewalk, let alone coming up to his door.  He likes sneaking under the covers with the kids or cuddling on the unsuspecting soul’s lap who might sit down on his couch.  He also likes to run.  A lot.  As in go for 10 quick miles with Mister Soandso and then sprint around the house chasing his toys.

He’s beautiful and we love him.  And we now have a bit less of him to love.

I’ll be picking him up from the veterinarian’s this afternoon and his tail will be shorter.  How much shorter we don’t know yet.  After he comes home he will have to be kept calm and still for at least two weeks while the surgical site heals.  Of utmost priority is that Charlie doesn’t wag his tail or the sutures will open and our likelihood of needing a second, more drastic amputation becomes more of a reality instead of just a risk.

So, anybody want to head over to the liquor store for me?  Sounds like I’ll be having a grand ole time today and for the next fourteen as I attempt to keep this ADHD x 10 dog from wagging his tail.

ps.  If you are dieting and trying to find an appetite curbing product, may I recommend pulling a tail stump out of your door jamb?  It really makes the before breakfast hungries depart in a hurry.

6 thoughts on “Not A Tail-Wagging Kind of Day

  1. OMG, Kristina. I can’t believe the door chopped off the tail! That must be a sturdy door–maple, maybe? Steel? I am so sorry you are sad and it will be quite a challenge to keep the pooch still. But, you always find the humor, and that’s why you will always be young. Healing vibes to you and Charlie.

  2. Wow. That truly sucketh on a Grand scale. I’m really sorry for Charlie & All the fam. Bless your hearts.

  3. Is the liquor for him or for you? Poor Charlie! But accidents happen…and he’ll get to show off his war wound proudly someday.

  4. Oh no! What a tragedy! My heart goes out to you and Charlie, but know that he will heal, this will only add to his character. Meanwhile, do accept and and all doggie drugs and people ‘downers’ and give him and the kiddos lots of love. Lots of hugs to you and your family.

  5. Talk about having a bad day! I feel so bad for YOU! Can’t imagine how awful you felt…and then how sick you felt upon having to clean up. Here’s hoping your weekend gets drastically better.

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