Peace Pancakes

On May 1st, I helped lead a teen retreat focusing on peace and peace activism.  We started off by making “Peace Pancakes” then we listened to prepared remarks from the teens on the subject “For what I would a Nobel Peace prize?”  Then we learned the basic art of drumming and had a drum circle.  And lastly, we watched “The US vs John Lennon.”  It was a really fantastic day and the teens had a both fun and thought-provoking day.  Of course the goal was for the teens to learn more about peace activism and hopefully inspire their budding activist selves.

You might be wondering what is a Peace Pancake and how it leads teens towards that goal.  First off, in order to make Peace Pancakes, gather your favorite pancake recipe and some miniature chocolate chips.  Non-perielles are handy as well.  Using a scant 1/2 cup, make circular pancakes, then fashion a peace sign on the cooking cake.  Flip, cook and serve as usual.  Voila!  Peace Pancakes!  Of course, making Peace Pancakes with me means there is a running commentary about the fine art of making Peace Pancakes.  Here are some observations that Peace Pancakes taught us:

  • “That seems like awfully thin pancake batter.”  Well, it can’t be so thick that the peace is only on the surface.  We want our peace to be throughout the whole thing.
  • “Whoa!  This is a lot harder to do than it looks!”  Yep, making peace is a pretty difficult process.
  • “Oh no.  My peace sign looks more like a peace arrow.”  Sometimes working towards peace is a little ugly.
  • “My peace sign has a freckle.”  All peace work is unique but the overall goal is the same.  And sometimes the peace process takes forms we hadn’t thought about.
  • “I want my peace sign to be perfect.”  (It stuck to the pan.)  Apparently peace is an imperfect process.
  • “Aw.  My peace sign wacked out my pancake!”  Working towards peace changes the body in permanent ways.
  • “These taste awesome!”  The taste of peace surely is a sweet one.

Imagine just how different a world we would live in if all could live in peace with others.

Imagine what that world would look like.

Imagine making that world happen.

Memorial to John Lennon, Central Park, New York, NY

7 thoughts on “Peace Pancakes

  1. Wow, that was about Perfect Timing. Sounds like you did good stuff w/ em kiddos. Interesting, I believe you got a lot more out of that to think on than many folks would be able to. I Mean I like the connections you made. Also, it’s interesting to hear about what you actually do with those church kids. 😉

    Thanks for this.

  2. Thanks from the parent of one of those kids. He had a fantastic time.

  3. Great post! And nice job teaching! I had not foreseen such creative possibilities with the peace pancakes. (Those were also tasty pancakes.)

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