The Yin and The Yang

I have over 100 people I talk with, laugh with, cry with, be with throughout the day  because of Twitter and Facebook.  And every tweet or status  update or link shared connects me with people I could never spend as much time with using the “normal” avenues of phone calls, letters, and coffee klatches.  So I think my “cyber” friendships are very, very important.  And today I was reminded that the larger your pool of interaction, the more of the pendulum’s arc you experience.

One friend is excited about her upcoming wedding.  Another struggling through a divorce.

One shares her positive pregnancy test.  Another  her miscarriage.

One is building a new house.  Another is picking up the debris of a tornado.

One friend types “The End” on the latest book.  Another giving up a dream.

Today I am reminded that the pendulum swings, indeed must swing, from one side to another.  And that when all feels lost and hopeless, this is today.  Tomorrow the lost will be found and hope refilled.

The Yin cannot exist without the Yang.

May we all find ways to add people to journey beside.  A hundred candles flickering in the dark can illuminate even the darkest path.

7 thoughts on “The Yin and The Yang

  1. My only complaint about your missives is that each one must end. As you’ve eloquently reminded me, I must find my joy in knowing another missive is only ever three or four days behind!

  2. Read this quote last week. I think it suits your post very well:
    “If you are poor then someone else is heavily in debt. If you don’t have a car then someone else doesn’t have 2 legs. If you are ill, then someone else has been bedridden for years. If you have lost a parent then someone else has lost both parents in a single accident. So don’t be sad. You are a Believer & you have been blessed with faith & that is the greatest blessing of all. Keep smiling. Allah (God) loves you.”

  3. Yup, what you said there, Kristina. I don’t have as many friends as you, but still I get what you mean.

    Friends & acquaintances often remind me of all kinds of things I forget, most of it boiling down to everyone is different, everyone is similar in most ways, if not the same. There are as many different perspectives and perceptions at any given time, as there are minds. Maybe more, but that gets to be a different discussion.

    And as you said, Ying & Yang, pendulum swings, life circles around again.
    Thanks for this.

  4. Excellent post — so true. Without the negative, there would be no basis for appreciating the positive. Everything would just be … monotonous.

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