A Challenge for Today

I asked my Facebook friends to offer me suggestions on what to blog about today and the suggestions were as follows:  sun and mud, surf and sand, why teachers continue to stay in the teaching profession, “me”, how to organize a family of five, and beds.

I immediately set about finding a way to write a single post that combined all six prompts.  After all, nothing like a good writing challenge on this April Fool’s Day, right?  I drained my morning triple espresso, rolled up my sleeves, loaded up WordPress, and promptly wrote myself into a morass of mundanity.  In other words, I pounded out a blog post of pure blech. Delete, delete, delete until all that was left was a blank screen.

How did this happen?  I’m good with words.  I enjoy a challenge.  Why can’t I write a cohesive little missive?  The answer is simple.  While I thrive in a world of randomness, these random bits resonated from other’s hearts and minds.  Perhaps one or two could have sparked my creative self.  All six together were too much.  Instead of inspiring me, they became constraining.  I gave myself an unreasonable challenge.  I tried too hard until there was nothing.  In other words, I forced things to mesh.  And while I got things to align, they were unnatural alignments.  Upon first read, I knew my only option was to delete the whole thing and try again.

I was reminded that while we are able to rise to many challenges, it takes a toll.  In this case, the only cost was a badly written document easily deleted.  But I can think of many situations in my “real” life and in the lives of people close to me where I saw the effect of forced connections between people, professions, et cetera.

Today is a good day to let the pieces fall where they may.  Let the wheel turn…the circle will eventually round without you hammering it into what you think is its correct shape.

4 thoughts on “A Challenge for Today

  1. I really liked this post, even if you didn’t take my suggestion. 😉 It’s such a simple thing and yet, as writers, I think we forget to follow our own hearts instead of letting others dictate our writing/decisions.

  2. Way to take an untenable situation and turn it around FTW!

    Nicely done, and at least as good a topic for thought as any of the six suggestions, all of which were fine on their own.

    Some time we’ll really have to get into that whole English teaching thing as that is what oldest Daughter is studying for now.(and yes, she’s a much better writer than I, when one can slow her down enough to do it.) 😉

    Ok, done rambling now. Thanks for this post.

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