Reasons Why You Should Travel With Kids

For sixteen days, my husband and I traveled in parts of France and England with our three kids.  Mister Soandso had to go there for work and it seemed like a great opportunity to take our kids to see a bit more of the world than most American kids ever get to see.  A friend asked me how the trip was and I said, tongue in cheek, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Let’s just say that keeping three small people safe while traveling about is a bit more stressful than this mom was up to at times.  However, please know I don’t regret the trip one bit.  I had the chance to see a part of the world through their eyes and that was grand.

But in case you’re still wondering why on earth I wanted to take three small children to France and England, let’s just say…perhaps a picture is worth a thousand pithy words.

I was hoping that each of my children would have a chance to feel their world lit up just by seeing something that truly is awesome.

I wanted them to have the opportunity to see beauty in what might be seen by others as ugly or merely nondescript.

I wanted my children to see a familiar sight from a new perspective and in doing so, see themselves in a new way as well.

I wanted to show them that while humanity travels through history, unless we understand what led people to act, we are likely to repeat the same actions...just slightly differently.

I wanted each of my children to experience art in ways none of them previously had.

I wanted my children to see how spring flowers manage to bloom, even when the world feels like it is still in winter's grip.

In other words, I wanted to give my children the world.

It was such a gift to take my kids to see a bit of Europe while they are young…while they are still young enough to accept gifts from their mom without wishing for something bigger, brighter, better.

9 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Travel With Kids

  1. Great post! Especially liked the pic of your son peaking at the statue’s derriere. Too cute…

  2. Lovely pictures.
    And I agree, it is great to travel with kids. They’re perfect for sharing the wonder. And they remind you when it’s time for a snack. Which is often.

  3. My children are still at the “traveling = high stress” paired with “littlest still puts everything in her mouth to taste it so traveling equals at least one illness.”

    Hopefully in several more years they’ll be at the “right” age.

    Love the photos.

    • The year I lived in the UK really changed me – I’d like to think it made me a better person. I want my kids to see the world in that same way…a world much like the the familiar.

  4. Ahhh, perfect caption for that picture: “I wanted each of my children to experience art in ways none of them previously had.” 😀 😀

    • It’s a great photo isn’t? Only topped by the photo of Oldest cupping her boobs a few minutes before. Ah, I see bribery in my future.

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