This morning finds me drinking a rather weak cup of hotel coffee at the Oregon beach. In other words, awesome.  Mister Soandso and I snuck away for a few days to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and so here I am, typing on my netbook, drinking bad coffee, and hoping my spotty wifi holds on long enough to upload this. 

Driving out to the beach last night, Mister Soandso and I were talking about what a difference a year makes.  Think back to where you were last year.  How different 365 days makes, yes?  For some there have been births, deaths, good news, bad news.  And since it was snowing on us, the possibility of death was high on my list.

But we arrived just fine, although slightly frayed about the nerves.  And since I’m a stress eater, it seemed like a great idea to ice skate across the parking lot to a local hang-out and eat and drink and basically make a little too much merry.

So here I am, several hours, a little bit tired, a little bit rough about the edges, a little bit in need of some downtime.  Which I’m going to to take with a side of Advil.

But first, I’m going to surf through the posts I’ve been putting out here since December of 2008 and remind myself about just how wonderful these past days have been – filled with more good than bad, more happy than sad, more beginnings than endings.

I think I’m going to try to figure out my favorite post.  Chances are, it will be about something that made me laugh.  Those laughing moments remind me of what makes my years so precious.  Feel free to surf right along with me; downtime is better with a smile.

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