On Getting Gifts

I’ve recently celebrated a birthday and so am in the mood to think about the gifts I received.  Thinking of thanking people, that is my version of thank you cards.  These days I am so surrounded by gifts, it is nearly impossible to not be overwhelmed with the gifts, let alone the polite society responses I should be making.

For instance, my cat loves to help me heighten my blogging experience.  She hears that tell-tell creak of the office chair and here she comes to hop up on the desk and march back and forth, over my forearms and the keyboard, swishing her tail in my eyes, mouth and coffee with each trip.  Now that is a gift that keeps on giving, let me tell you.  She really is a sweet thing.  She just needs a mute button.  Although I suppose it’s fitting that someone who talks as much as me would adopt a cat that never shuts up.

Another big gift giver in this house is my dog.  In case you are curious, a handy trick is to layer strips of bacon in paper towels and then microwave until they reach the desired level of crispiness.  An even handier trick is keeping the dog from eating the bacon grease infused paper towels.  Pooch came back inside from doing his daily duty and Mister Soandso noticed the dog was walking funny.  I, of course, knew exactly what jig was up.  Yep, let’s just say that while paper towels are biodegradeable, that process takes longer than a trip through a dog’s digestive system.

And while I was dealing with that little gift, I heard the cat hurling her fool head off in the living room.  After disposing of the paper towels for the second time, I go in and sure enough, the cat puked.  But I swear, she puked up more kibble than I’d even put in her dish.  It’s like the Midas touch only different.  Real different.

Thankfully, not all gifts I’ve received in the past week were so stinky.  Because Mister Soandso is a great shopper and because my kids are very creative.

If you have kids, nieces, nephews, young neighbors, you may have your own assortment of gifts made for you by the children in your life who adore you.  I remember crafting a whole slew of similar things for my parents.

For example, please raise your hand if you ever covered bottle caps with fabric and then turned them into a trivet.  Mine was a big, orange orange.  Orange ’70s polyester fabric and tacky glued to a piece of cardboard.  Yep, big and orange are all you need to know.  Unlike this example made by Mikalah over at Posy The Porcelain Pig, my mom probably had to really dig deep to come up with a “oh, that’s lovely” kind of response.

Or how about the year my Girl Scout Troop made a gadzook’s amount of covered appliance cord storage containers.  Anybody else do this?  It’s actually not a bad idea.  In fact,  I made a few of these recently for my own home. In case you are a covered appliance cord storage container virgin, here’s a sample .

I know how handy these dohickeys truly are, but I wonder just how excited my mom was to get them one Christmas morning.  You know, because we sometimes have expectations about gifts.

Because let’s face it, it’s the thought that counts with most gifts, right?  My dog?  He was just doing me a favor by getting his own snack.  What a giver! And the cat?  She knows how much I love her so of course I would enjoy the opportunity to be covered in cat fur and then edit gibberish out of my writing.

Yep, getting gifts is pretty awesome.  Especially if they are like these little gift cards my Littlest, Middlest and Biggest made for me.

6 thoughts on “On Getting Gifts

  1. I LOVE the Oh Great One.. and Darth Dirty Pants.. That’s priceless.

    My cats also enjoy giving the great gift of undigested food.. Frequently. My white carpets do not appreciate it so much.

    They also love to sit on my arms while I’m attempting to write on the laptop.. When it’s 90 degrees out and they give off more heat than an electric blanket.

    They just didn’t want me to feel unneeded. 🙂

    Great post.

  2. Gifts are a test. The test can be stated thusly: Prove you love me..

    Children and pets usually pass automatically, though a few try to fail so energetically they succeed.

    Spouses, on the other hand (spices?) automatically fair, unless they pass tests equivalent to getting join doctorates in mathematics and psychology. Those few spice who do pass must be recertified at least yearly, or even thrice a year (Christmas and birthday and anniversary). Only Robert Frost would know if failure is punished by ice or by fire.

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