I’ve Got Good News

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I don’t watch television.  I also don’t subscribe to a newspaper.  I have my reasons and none of them are that weird.  Back in 1995 my husband and I realized there were indentations on our futon – an exact his-and-her replica of our behinds.  It occurred to us that perhaps sitting on the couch, feet on the coffee table and waiting for yet another show to come on wasn’t perhaps the best use of our time.  The thing is, going tv-free is a pretty remarkable thing.  Suddenly, you have time to do stuff with humans you actually know, you rethink the purpose of a living room, and you no longer find yourself bombarded with images of more crap to buy, reasons to be dissatisfied with your body, and more examples seeming to prove that  humanity just might be heading to hell in a hand-basket.  In other words, you stop hearing more and more bad news about everyone and everything.

And it is that last little bit that I really appreciate and why I’ll never go back to the tv-watching world.  I hate hearing nothing but story after story of the depravity of folks.  Sometimes I just want to have a little faith in my fellow human.  Or just a positive ending.  You know, the lost child is found unharmed.  The apartment building destroyed by fire was actually empty and slated for the wrecking ball next week.  Whatever.  I’m not picky.

The fact is, I have a hypothesis.  If more good news was shared in this world, more good news would happen.  Kindof like making your own good luck.  It would be infectious.  Sure, bad things would happen, but the good stuff would begin to outnumber the bad.  I’m not talking about just looking at the world in some Pollyanna kind of way.  I really think that just like people buying into the idea of “Paying It Forward” and “Rachel’s Challenge” have made good things happen, so can Ten Minute Missive folks.

So for today, I’m going to share a bit of good news with you.  It’s nothing earth shattering, but it made my heart happier and reminded me that there is good in this world and it lies in the hearts of my fellow humans.  Then, if you read this blog, please share your own bit of good news in the comments.  If we write it, will Good News come?  Let’s find out.

My bit of Good News:  On Wednesday morning, I drove my four year old to preschool just like always.  And just like always, after I parked, I opened my door, pushed the button to open the sliding door and then got out.  I grabbed my cup of coffee, pushed the power locks and shut my door.  Then I went to my son and helped him out of his car seat.  As we walked from the van, around the back and toward the sidewalk, I pulled the door handle and watched the door begin sliding shut.  And then my son dropped all his prized possessions he insisted he take to class that day.

So we gathered up his plastic dinosaurs and four pieces of papers with “very special to me, Mom” drawings on them and hurried into the building.  Thirty-five minutes later I came out to find the rear passenger door wide open.  Heart racing, I looked and still sitting behind my seat, in plain view of anyone passing by was my purse.  And in my purse was my wallet with my just cashed paycheck.

I got lucky.  No one decided to take advantage of an open door.  Was it a case of only honest folk passed by the van for thirty minutes, or were all the thieves running late that morning?  And, granted, it was the door facing the street so perhaps that was the saving grace.  Or is it that more people are good than bad?  I’d like to think it wasn’t just that I got lucky, but that folks really do have more good in them than the nightly news leads us to believe.

How about you?  Anything good happening in your life or in the lives of people you know?  Please share so we can all share in the goodness of this thing we call life.

14 thoughts on “I’ve Got Good News

  1. Yep something brilliant happened.

    I found a part-time job.

    Which probably seems silly. BUT I live 9 miles outside the town my kids go to school in. We live out of district, the closest bus stop is 4.3 miles away. It also snows, a lot. We have snow days, late starts, early outs, in the winter. A lot. We also only have one vehicle. I have 5 people to get places, every day. Finding a job with the right hours has been a pain, and frustrating, and very important. But after looking all summer long, I finally did.

    So, yay. It’s part time, perfect day hours, no Sundays (family day here) and no holidays. PERFECTION.

    • Nope. This is exactly the kind of good news people need to hear more about – people getting jobs, people getting healthy, people being supported by the folks they love and the things they do. Yep, good news indeed!

  2. Well I had fantastic news a couple of weeks ago in that I am in complete remission from my incurable but manageable myeloma. Last week we were really kind and got a dog from a rescue centre – he is simply adorable – but we were good because we took him even though he STUNK! ;D

  3. See, a cynic might think the only reason nobody grabbed your purse was because they all thought it was too easy–that it must be a set-up. They were afraid it was some sort of purse-grabbing sting operation.

    Good thing I’m not a cynic. 😉

    My good news? Well, it’s a small thing, but it made me really happy: my sister-in-law is handling the big family birthday party at her house tonight, so I don’t have to. All I have to do is bring the cake (which I, of course, bought at Costco). Hooray!

    • Now THIS is the kind of good news that keeps a girl going for days. And what’s not to like about Costco cake? Especially not the carrot cake….Oops, drooled on the keyboard. 🙂

  4. It is always reassuring and refreshing to find the good in the world of negative news.

    Mine is simple. Was fortunate to hold my niece tonight as she slept in my arms. There is always something peaceful about watching a baby sleep, her breath on my cheek. Babies always remind us of all the good in the world and keeps us looking forward to bright futures.

  5. My good news is that my brother and his wife will be having their second baby this weekend, scheduled “c-section”. I am so excited for my family to have a new member and for my nephew to have a baby sister. This weekend should be very joyful.

    • Oh wow! Now that IS good news! Crossing fingers for them – may it be textbook and may the wee one adjust well to life outside the comfy womb. 🙂

  6. Having a very un-springlike spring here, but today before I went to work there was a small ‘window of opportunity’ when the sun came out and I was able to enjoy a few rays whilst having my lunch. So nice to feel the warmth on my ageing bones!

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