Coming Soon to a DVD Near You

Yesterday my husband and I fenagled a date afternoon and headed off to see Inception (um, wow!) which is the first time I’ve seen a movie in a theater since New Year’s.  Yes, I can be a sad panda at times.  After the movie, we decided to take the opportunity to go really hog-wild and stopped at a local watering hole for a drinkie and some cajun sustenance.  Afterwards as we ambled back to the car, we happened to notice a larger than usual assortment of military vehicles parked on our Main Street.  Odd, very odd.  (The military trucks, not our ambling or owning a car.)

Being the whiz-bangs we are, we decided to investigate the hulabaloo and guess who found themselves standing on the edge of a movie set?  Yep, little ole me and the hubster too.

Using my second gift (first is being a fast reader), I promptly engaged in a conversation with the harried man applying decals to a rain bucket.  He was almost as gifted with gab as myself and proved a veritable font of information.

Turns out, my little Main Street was going to be the scene of some serious zombie-filming later in the evening.  Now, you may recall that my neck of the woods has been a hot-bed of zombie action of late.  (Zombies Crash on I-84.) In fact, it appears that there is much zombie-loving around me as my local chapter of the  ZombieSquad even held a prom last May. So, between the love of all things undead as well as our natural attraction for the film industry, it really isn’t much of a surprise to find yourself on a movie set around these parts. (In case you didn’t know, lots of stuff ends up being filmed in the Portland metro area.  Leverage, for example.)

However, we had not found ourselves on the set of Leverage, but instead, we were getting a sneak preview of a small production made as a pastiche of my favorite zombie movie, Zombieland.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone felt the need to make “Stripperland”.  Of course, I doubt the characters are going to stagger about with their arms in the air moaning for “Braaaaiiiinnnnnssss!”  I also doubt “Stripperland” will have quite the same caliber of instructions for surviving an invasion of, ahem, strippers.  I mean, is it me or does the first rule of “Stripperland” just beg for something different than cardio?  Although, come to think of it, that is still handy…

What with my movie-going issues, I’ll probably miss “Stripperland’s” release date, but I’m sure some folks will have the chance to ooh and ahh over its magnificent scenery.  But they’ll have to make their own popcorn because it’s headed straight to DVD and cable.

*ps.  You can bet your sweet hiney that I giggled like a fool every time I typed a word with an innuendo.  Some of us never matured past middle school.