I’ll Give That Both A Thumb And A Toe’s Up!

My family is fortunate enough to have a swimming pool out in the back yard.  I neither blow it up nor cover it in the winter, but it works for my hooligans, ahem, angels.  Of course, I do have a garage full of the previous years’ swimming pools, seeings how we started in a blow-up pool the size of a large dog dish and just kept buying pools to fit the size and number of kiddos.

All I can say is that nothing beats the pure awesomeness of the lingering scent of Banana Boat sun screen on tired kiddos who just spent a couple of hours splashing about in the pool.  I give it a two thumbs up, or in this case, a thumb and a toe!

2 thoughts on “I’ll Give That Both A Thumb And A Toe’s Up!


    We bought our first blow-up pool this year! Got a HUGE one for lotsa fun! It’s been a blast for our boy – we’re playdate central over here!

    He even takes a solo nightly swim in the currently fairly frigid water… he’s even phased. I’ll need a freekin’ wetsuit!

    Christian is 8 1/2! (Isn’t that + part the most critical at that age?!? – I’ll take “I’m in my early 40’s,” and leave it at that!)

    Enjoy the sun today! I’ll heading out to buy my wetsuit shortly…

    ~ Dazzling Diva Dana

  2. I agree completely! We’re a little behind on the size-upgrading, though. Our pools are fine for my 5 year old, but a foot bath for my 14 year old…

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