Overcast But Clearing

I suppose this title is more than just the current weather conditions in my little neck of the woods.  It also might be the forecast for me and my family, or maybe even yours.  In just a few hours I plan on taking my three kiddos for a play date.  A “slip n’ slide” kind of play date.  And so it was pretty much a given that regardless of the glorious 82 degree weather we had  yesterday, today dawned overcast and rather icky looking.  But a quick check out the window confirms what the weather channel tells me:  today will begin overcast but will clear until another glorious late afternoon and early evening.

Sitting here, sans my morning coffee but actually showered albeit still dressed in my robe, I can’t help but think, “Ya know, that forecast is pretty much like some of my early years and what I sure as heck hope my later years end up like.”

Yep, life is pretty much like a weather forecast.  You can get an idea of what to expect, but most often there will be surprises.  The good news is that after every period of even the darkest weather, you can expect clearing and even some sunshine.  The surprise will be how long each period will last and what will happen in between.

So for all of you out there, may any cloudy bits be made clear.  And may the sun warm you, but just enough.

Don’t forget your sunscreen!  Oh, and ya better pack an umbrella or hat.  Just in case.