Therapeutic Roommate or Why Craig’s List Rocks?

Like most homeowners, I have a basement, garage, and attic filled beyond capacity with things I just don’t need or just don’t want.  It is enough to make me fantasize about that one-bedroom my husband I and used to live in about a million years ago.  Or moving into IKEA when they aren’t looking.  (Which would be perfect if the books on the shelves weren’t all in Swedish.)  Thankfully, there are places to help out folks like me before we turn into Hoarders without tv shows.  Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Craig’s List.  I swear, there is just nothing more satisfying than making a trip to such places (obviously one is a cyber visit) and getting more in tune with your uncluttered self.  Donations come back as a nice deduction on your taxes and Craig’s List equals cash without the nightmare of a garage sale.  Perfect, right?

There’s only one problem with Craig’ List.  There are some oddball experiences waiting to be had at the hands of Craig’s Listers.  I once blogged about our experience trying to get rid of a hot tub. That dude’s response was just so classic.  But it also is a good reminder that no all folks approach Craig’s List with the same motive as you might.

And sometimes I’m just as bad as they are.

A few weeks ago I came across a posting on Craig’s List for a “therapeutic roommate” which I happen to know is an actual, legitimate thing.  But doesn’t it sound, well, hinky?  Okay, maybe it’s just me but I sure giggled over the possibilities of just who might respond to that posting.

“What?  You don’t want me to massage you while wearing a French maid’s costume?  Huh.”

No matter, you have to give Craig’s List credit.  There are lots of basements, garages, and attics looking much better.  And I’m hoping the poor soul found a good therapeutic roommate.