Have Yerself a Dirty Banana!

I thought that you all might need a little pick-me up after all the ardors of the weekend.  Right?  You’re tuckered out from all those household chores you put off until the weekend like 18 loads of laundry?  Yeah, me too.

So, let’s get ourselves in a better place…at least in our minds.

First, you must remember to make your life smell like the tropics.  I’m fond of dabbing a bit of Hawaiian Tropical sunscreen behind my ears – especially right before my dear hubby comes home from work.  I’ve found that nothing sets the mood like sun tan lotion.  I mean, how can you take a whiff of that and not be in the mood?  For…something.  Typically, it has the reverse effect on me and I want to slip into a muu-muu and eat an extra, extra-large serving of ice cream, but I’m wacky like that.  But then, you already knew that.

Okay, so now that you and all within smell of you are at least drumming up the scent of the beach, let me continue to set the tone with this picture of a perfect beach just begging you to go for a dip.  Leave your footprints in the sand.  Pretend you have no responsibilities, no mortgage, no in-box, no box of out-grown clothes lurking under your bed demanding you hit the gym more often than the all-you-can-eat buffet.  Yeah, that kind of place. You know the kind of place – the one you catch a glimpse of in a magazine and hope to god and all that is good to have just one chance to see if beach sand that white feels like sugar when you walk in it.  How am I doing?  Do you have this in mind yet?  Can you feel the sand between your toes?  Feel the ocean breeze?  Okay, that is most excellent!

So now, grab yerself a towel, find a lounge chair or shady spot or whatever and get something to read.  You know, like a trashy romance novel that you’d die if the GUYS at the gym ever caught you reading.  Yep.  The scene is nearly perfect.  The only thing missing is a nice frosty Dirty Banana to sweeten the deal.  Enjoy!