Change Is Afoot…

To all my dedicated readers:

(Let’s see, there’s what, 5 of you?)  Just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to start posting on Mondays and Fridays only.  There may be the odd-ball mid-week post just because I can’t keep my trap shut, but I am really, really going to attempt to reign myself in.  (Grr, preposition error!)  I need to find a bit of balance in my life.  (You may not have noticed that balancing is very hard for this slightly obsessive girl to do.)  So, I am going to give my blogging verboseness a break and devote a bit more time to doing things such as the laundry, my job, picking up dog poop – you know, groovy things like that.  🙂

So, please keep coming by to visit my little ole self.  Just remember to start thinking of your Ten Minute Missive as a great set of bookends – around your week or weekend, which ever needs the most shoring up.

Oh, and soon it will have a fancy new look.  Yippee!  Yep, change is afoot and I am getting a kick out of it!

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