What’s So Funny?

I was being distracted with the internet (again!) and read a lovely blog, which led to another lovely blog, and on and on and suddenly is was past dinner time and all that.  Anyhoo, one of the comments on some lovely blog (I’m sorry – I’m not trying to be coy, but I really did get cyber lost) made mention of the fact that the blogger had previously been fun and witty, but had been introspective and contemplative of late.

I thought I was the only one having that issue.

Is it the weather?  Does February make a person as dull as the vegetation or is it some greater conspiracy?  Or, is it possible that we funny folk can run out of funny?


Shuddering over the thought that my funny-bone could somehow be leaving me, I set upon a venture to find some humor in my day.  I looked in every cupboard, under the bed, I even went to the grocery store.  Let me tell you, I found lots of stuff, but none of it was very funny.

So then I figured I needed to start with the more obvious place.  I poured a cup of coffee, a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper, even a glass of wine.  Nope.  No funny.

Finally, I just took a nap.

And woke up to my all-too-soon-will-be 4 year old calling me “Sweet Mama.”  Ah, a smile cracked the underused laugh lines of my face.

So what is so funny?  Well, some days in my little world of three children, cat, dog, fish (who keep having babies for pete’s sake!), and husband…not much.  But maybe, just maybe, if I can recharge myself enough, I can find ways to overlook the spilled juice and the trail of shoes, jackets, and backpacks leading from the front door and instead see the really awesomely funny kiddos I have managed to produce.

And on the not so good days, ask for help.  At which time, one of them will pull out a little humor bomb like this:

“Hey Mom, why did the dinosaur cross the road?”  “Because the chicken hadn’t evolved yet!”

followed by,  “No, Mom, why did the chicken cross the road?”  “Because it was in the cross walk.”

followed by, “NO, Mom, why did the….”

You get the picture.  Life in my house is pretty humorous, especially when I remember to stop trying to fix the world and instead just enjoy my world.

6 thoughts on “What’s So Funny?

    • Actually, Isaac tells that joke because he loves science and once spent about 3 hours explaining all about how chickens came from dinos. That kid can scare me sometimes. Like, he must have been switched in the hospital because he is just too smart to be my kiddo. Except he never left my sight while at the hospital, so that rather messes up that theory. 🙂

    • Hi there gorgeous! (Ya, I’m talking to you!) There are scores of us – I really think it may be due to the weather or a post holiday dieting meltdown or some such tragedy. The ACTUAL post that rang the bell for me tho’ was a gentleman who commented on your Fish Eye (not to be confused with the Stink Eye, to be sure) post. I would say I’d go figure out who he was, but at this age, I may have actually misplaced one memory for another – or made up my own reality again. I’ve been known to do that.

  1. LOL, sometimes you’ve gotta search for the funny in unexpected places. This morning I found it under the washing machine.

    Enjoying the blog!


    • So funny and so true. Never thought to look under the washing machine – most likely because I’m easily frightened and I know what likes to lurk under there. I’m sending some blog love right back at ya’! Sure do love all the neato folks I’ve run into via the cyber world. 🙂

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