Please Be a Good One

I am a fan of quotations.  Here is one in honor of Abraham Lincoln on the 201st anniversary of his birth:

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind for me.  First off, there was the normal chaos of getting my kids ready for school.  Who knew making 2 lunches had the power to be so over-whelming?  I’m sure the whole process was negatively impacted by the fact that for the first time in nearly forever, there was no coffee coursing through my veins, no lovely aromas tickling my consciousness back into existence.  Yes, I am describing having to fast for an ultrasound – which will hopefully tell all why I feel so hooey.  And on top of all that, I have a show tonight.  Oy.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t fast.  At least not well.  There is no way I could ever convert to any religion that required fasting because to do so would be to torment all living souls around me.  I like food and I like drink.  Mostly chocolate and coffee, but I’ll go for a burrito and a Diet Pepsi in a heartbeat too.

While having KY Jelly smeared about myself was a really good time, I think the highlight of my day so far has been seeing the looks of folks who catch me practicing for my performance tonight.  Apparently the combination of no food or drink plus moving lips created a look so odd that passerby’s questioned my sanity.  (BTW, is it passerby’s?  Because that doesn’t look right, but my spellchecker just yelled at me to use it.  Hmm.)

Whatever.  I’m not nuts.  Just high on cold medicine and dying for an Americano with a few shots thrown in for good measure.  And in case you are worried, I found a cup of chicken soup (or as a friend calls it, “good Jewish penicillin”) so at least that part of the fasting-induced hell is over.

So right now I should be recording myself – listening to the nuances of words and tinkering with delivery.  Instead I’m here, writing away to you, in hopes that you will read it and perhaps smile.

Because I want to take Lincoln’s words to heart – I want to be a good writer and a good stand-up comedian.  But first I should probably go take a shower and another cold pill.

2 thoughts on “Please Be a Good One

    • “*you’re” …crap… kinda ruins a good quick pun when you spell it wrong. Least you don’t have to worry to much about spelling tonight 😀 Best of luck sis.


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