Missing Wings and Sleepless Nights

My oldest child is sick, which means high fevers and vomiting.  That is how his little body deals with all things viral and bacterial – fever and vomit.  So life with him is nothing short of interesting and often sleep-deprived.

Take for instance, his adamance last night that his wings were on the floor.  High fevers bring apparently amazing dreams to his feverish little mind and last night he dreamt that someone had cut his dragon wings from his body.

I love thinking about this image: my sick son, searching for his powerful dragon wings which someone had taken from him.  I think I need to find ibuprofen with added dragon wings so he can get well.  Then he and I will finally get some decent sleep.

4 thoughts on “Missing Wings and Sleepless Nights

    • Thanks Aidan! He’s improving – thank all that is good for the invention of antibiotics. Times like this I am so thankful to be a US citizen with medical insurance! BTW, I sure love your post about your name – your pictures are so dang cute!

  1. Hello,

    Hope your son recovered fast and is well now.
    Mine never lost his wings, probably because he’d rather pretend he has wheels. He his more fan of car racing than of dragons and fantasy stuff.

    BTW: I am the author of the image you used in your post. Glad you liked it, but could you put a link back to where you took it from? (http://www.virtual-lands-3d.com)
    Thanks in advance

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