Just A Regular Night At My House

Now that I’m “middle-aged” (whatever the heck that means!) I periodically find myself stuck with the bane of middle-agers everywhere:  insomnia.  Which is why when my youngest woke me at 12:22 last night, I was more perturbed than usual.  Somewhere between restarting my heart and putting my slippers on, my mind cycled through several topics.  “Did he fall out of bed again?” “Is he okay?” “Why does he need to shriek like that?”

Come to find out, he was having one of  his rare night-terror experiences which was fun and exciting and thankfully short-lived.  However, partway through the whole giddy affair, my oldest put a smile on my face.  Let me share.

My boys last summer - saving me from some danger, I'm sure.

So I’m ducking the flailing limbs of the 3.5 year old and trying to keep the cat from grooming my head when I hear the theme song from Indiana Jones from the twin bed beside us.

Yes, my oldest was humming in his sleep.

Then, he says (quite loudly, I might add), “We will make the world a better place.  A much better place.”  And then he did the perfect “heh-heh-heh” laugh.  You know the one.  The one just short of “bwaa-haa-haa.”

And with a smile on his face, he rolled over and resumed that soft, sweet little snoring that 9 year olds make.

Yep, just a regular night at my house.