We’ve Got All Kinds…

The following is the conversation coming from my daughter’s room as I type.  My 6 year old (A) is having a rousing conversation with her 6.5 year old cousin (F).

(A) “We’ve got baby lotion.”

(F) “Yeah, but if you don’t want to use baby lotion, we’ve got grown-up lotion.”

(A) “Lots of lotion.”

(F) “Uhuh, we’ve got baby lotion, grown-up lotion.  We’ve got all kinds of lotion.”

(A) “Oh, we even have middle-school lotion.”

(F) “Yeah, we’ve got all kinds of lotion.  We even have lollipop lotion.”

(A) “And you can sit on our bed, but don’t wipe your snot on it.”

(F) “Yeah, and do not cough on it either.  You need to cough like this.”  “Oh, and if you need to puke, do not puke in the toilet, you must puke in our special puke bucket.”

(A) “Uhuh.  But be sure you don’t lick your fingers after you use the hand sanitizer.”

Okay, enough of that.  I can’t type as fast as they can spout off rules for successful doll play.  Holy cow.  These ladies sure know how to round off a good year.

So, on the behalf of myself and all the little rule makers and breakers in my house, Happy New Year people.  May 2010 bring you more of the things that make you happy.