What To Do When the Kids Aren’t Funny

I usually have no problem mining my life for things to write about, but of late, my kids just haven’t been funny.  Cute, yes.  Funny, no.  I think they are in the pre-Christmas ramp-up.  You know that oh so short period of time when the kids put aside their differences in hopes of getting on and staying on Santa’s Good List.  So, what is a mom to do?  Aside from basking in every second of the bicker-less time?  Well, not pine for their normal selves, that’s for sure.

My littlest man told me yesterday, “Mama.  I love you ssssooooo much.  You are the best mama in the world.”

After wrenching my back while running to write that little gem in the baby book as evidence for a later date, I was reminded of the season.  “Hey mom, here’s my Christmas wish list.”

So, what to do when the kids aren’t funny?  I don’t know, but at the moment I’m vacuuming and trying to convince the little man that he really should wear socks if he doesn’t like the feel of blisters.