You Call THAT Embarrassing?

During my formative years, I had many opportunities to answer that age-old question, “What is your most embarrassing moment” or some variation of such thing.  I have no problem baring my soul in moments like these, I just need some help.

What context, please?  Can you throw me a bone here, because I have so many to choose from…

Take yesterday, for example.  There are a few constants in my rather pathetic life:  groceries, rain, and a ridiculous need to be helpful top the list.  So as I headed out of the grocery store for the second time in two days the blue skies had turned angry and it was pouring down rain all over the place.  When I went to put my cart back, I thought I would help out the cart-return-guy who has one of the top-ranking thankless jobs in my book.  SO, I pushed my cart into the next one, and so on, so as to make a nice little cart stack.  Except that the little arm thing at the end was mysteriously open, so I simply proceeded to push the whole she-bang out the end of the cart corral and into the lane.

So, in the pouring rain, I had to go round them up again.  Did I mention I had no coat?  Or that cars were attempting to avoid the whole fiasco?  Or that there is a slight incline?

Like I said, you give me a context, and I can provide.