Thankful for Thanksgiving

What should I make out of these sugar pumpkins?

What should I make out of these sugar pumpkins?

I am getting ready to host 2 family Thanksgiving soirees and my mind is buzzing with all the possibilities.  Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday and not just because I love to wear yoga pants and feel miserable.  I love having a day to pour over the recipes in my gazillion recipe books, magazines, and cooking websites searching for just the right one.

My family usually gets together the Saturday after Thanksgiving for enchiladas and all kinds of cheesy insanity.  But this year we are doing it the weekend before Thanksgiving in order to work around some schedules.  And then my husband’s family will be over for the actual Turkey Day.

I just pulled myself away from Recipezaar’s 411 pie recipes in order to ask you all this important question:  standard or “exotic” pumpkin dessert for my first celebration?  I could go with the old faithful, do a pecan pumpkin pie, pumpkin brandy pie, or either a chiffon or bar version.

What’s your verdict?  Really, I’m taking suggestions here.

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  1. Pecan pumpkin pie? Sounds yummie – given that pecan pie is a major weakness for me. The Brandy pumpkin option sounds intriguing too.

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