“But I’m Your Super Best Buddy FOREVER!”

One thing that families with only one child miss out on is the camaraderie, and coinciding lack-there-of, between their children.  To be honest, sometimes I look back with something more than just fondness for the days when my oldest child had no one to fight with.  Of course, the rare times he actually plays with his siblings makes up for that wistfulness on my part.  But I have three kiddos which means that there are just a whole bunch of relationship dynamics happening at our house, compounded by my own capricious moods.  However, the relationship most fun (and torturous at times)  to watch unfold, is between my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son.  For the most part, they are best buddies.


Best Buddies For Ever!

Here is a great example of how things work in their little world of play.  Elias wants to do everything his sister does and be everywhere she is.  She takes a bath, he takes a bath.  She puts on her ballet tutu and dances, so does he.  For at least now, these are close siblings.  Of course, the end of this idyllic moment in time may be on the horizon.  Because wouldn’t you know it, each is beginning to develop little bits of their personalities which makes it just too dang hard to put on a tiara while playing Legos.

Just this morning I was figuring that DHS would be showing up at my door any minute.  The yelling was that loud.  She wanted to play with her Littlest Pet Shop critters and he wanted to play with her, but with Lego guys added to the mix.  Neither was interested in hearing the other’s point of view and the noise just got louder and louder.  Did I mention that I was trying to get the computer network to reboot – three feet from the fracas?  I tell you, we need some sound-dampening acoustic tile down in our basement.  Oy!

Finally, Amelia has had enough of his interfering ways and shouts, “I just want some privacy!  GO AWAY!”

“But Amelia,” he stammered through the tears that immediately welled up.  “I’m your super best buddy forever.  You said.”

Within minutes she caved and the Lego Stormtroopers were giving the monkeys their morning bananas.  All is right in my world – at least for another few minutes.