Bumper Sticker Logic

I love reading bumper stickers – well, the funny ones that is.  There is nothing like driving to bring out the need for humor in a person’s life.  Especially if you’re a mom, because chances are you are listening to something the kids want to hear, rather than something a sane adult would enjoy.  (Sounds of “Baby Beluga” begin to run through my mind, all these years later.)  Which reminds me of that bumper sticker that started showing up in the early 80s:  “Insanity is heredity, you get it from your kids.”

Ya think?  Well, I have been talking to myself, and experiencing fanciful thoughts, and moments of delusion.  So, maybe that bumper sticker is onto something.

Of course, I was talking to only myself because my kids were obviously ignoring everything I was saying.  And I was secretly fantasizing about just continuing to drive after dropping everybody off at their respective schools.  (If only you could drive to the Bahamas from my neck of the woods.)  And it must have been a delusional moment when I thought making sticker charts was going to change anybody’s behavior but mine.

Parenting is one happy moment after another.  Just ask any driver of a minivan with Hello Kitty stickers on the windows.

3 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker Logic

  1. I love the one I saw in the late 8o’s :”Christians… can’t love them.. can’t throw them to the lions.” It came out right around the time of Oral Roberts. Still makes me laugh.

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