Yahoo! A Kreativ Blogger Award For Me!!!

So today is Wednesday, November 4th and way back on October 26th I was awarded a Kreativ Blogger award.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you to Wendy Wagner at Opera Buffo for pitching me the award.  I hope it wasn’t just because we share a gene pool that you sent me this award, but no matter.  I’m taking it anyway!  LOL!) Even a math-phobe like me can do that math and come to the conclusion that perhaps time management might not be my best thing.  Actually, it is more than that.  There are rules to accepting this award and I am a rule follower.  So, with no more yammering on, here’s the good stuff at The Kreativ Blogger Award.

Here is what the Kreativ Blogger Award I received from Wendy looks like:

Isn’t that lovely?  Of course, I’m a bit of a researcher at heart, and so I wanted to learn a bit more about this lovely award.  Turns out, there is a sweet story about it.  After some finagling (ahem, Googling) I found what looks to be a nice telling of the Kreativ Blogger Award’s beginnings (Reminder List ) back in 2008.  That site shows the award looking a bit different, but I would like to view such evolutions as a great example of how our little blogging world is not a static place.

I did mention that there are rules to accepting this award and I have to admit that I was a bit stumped.  You see, you have to pass the award along to 7 other blogs out there that you view as meriting the award.  Seven other blogs?  Are you kidding me?  I don’t read 7 other blogs.  Well, at least not regularly.  Suddenly, I no longer felt like a winner but a big blog-reading-loser.  Oh yeah, I mostly read things like “Hop on Pop” and “Red Fish, Blue Fish.”  So, I have been reading lots and lots of blogs out there since October 26.  And you know, it has been fun.

But I quickly set myself a short list of rules for whose blog I would read and possibly send along the Kreativ Award.  For example, the absolutely first blog I ever read was the absolutely gorgeous Smitten Kitchen but she has accrued so many awards over the years that I figured there may be someone else whose sails may need some billowing.  So I decided what kinds of things I like to read about (parenting, comedy, cooking, gardening, knitting, traveling) and started reading all kinds of blogs, but especially the ones on Google’s 19th page.  You know, the kinds that didn’t have loads of ads and awards.  Some of my list of 7 are blogs that I already have been reading, and some are new to me.  But it was great fun reading and looking and appreciating just what a wonderful world blogging is!

Kreativ Blogger Award Rules: (For the Curious and the Award Winning…)

1.  Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog.

2.  Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog.

3.  Write 7 things about yourself that others don’t know.

4.  Choose 7 other bloggers you would like to pass the award to.

5.  Link to those 7 other bloggers.

6.  Notify your 7 bloggers.

Okay, I’ve posted the image and copied the rules.  Now on to the fun part.  If you’ve read much of my blog, well then you probably already know too much about me, so this will have to do.

1.  I am technologically challenged.  You can tell this by the lack of bells and whistles on my page.  2.  I am also a terrible dancer.  What can I say?  I came to fruition in the 80s and I hate to follow directions.  3.  I have poor mind-body-connection which is why I didn’t learn to whistle until I was 20 and still cannot wiggle my ears after 35 years of trying.  4.  I am terrified of bears.  5.  My favorite types of goodies include chocolate, nuts, or coconut.  I’ll do the happy dance if all 3 come together in one spoonful.  6.  I once had a snake in my boot while the boot was on my foot.  7.  I was in a body cast when I was 2 years old.  The sad part is that no one wrote on it.

Okay, and now on to the good part.  Here are 7 blogs that I enjoy.  I hope you enjoy them as well!

1.  Let Them Eat Cake! which is my friend Tricia’s blog.  I love the great photos!  Tell me it doesn’t make you hungry!

2. Jacki Kane is the lady responsible (in addition to Wendy!) to getting me into comedy.  She’s wonderful and making the world better, one parent laughing at a time.  Thanks!  (I just realized that Wendy had also awarded Jacki.  Oh well.)

3.  Cobalt Designs is my neighbors Jennifer and Dave’s business and brainchild.  They do beautiful work!

4.  Jillian Starr just this week made some major changes to her site, but I still wanted to give her this award as a fan of Bigfoot and the Devil.

5.  Julia Butterfly Hill and not just because she uses the same background on WordPress as I do.  Julia is an amazing woman and completely committed to changing the world, one tree and one person, at a time.  I’ve got to meet her twice and she is as wonderful as her poetry shows her to be.  Thank you for your commitment to the world!

6. Fresh Eats is a beautiful blog guaranteed to make you want to pick up a chef’s knife and start cooking.  And Maria is so wonderful.  Thanks for the many years of friendship Maria!

7.  A Gardener In Progress was a wonderful discovery I made a few days ago.  I was looking for other gardeners in the Pacific Northwest and came across Catherine’s site.  Such lovely photos.  If you like plants, this is a wonderful glimpse into a gardener’s heart.

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  1. Thanks for the award, very nice of you! I enjoyed reading your blog, I can relate to much of what you’ve talked about having a 3 year old myself. Glad to have found your blog!

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