The Cobbler’s Kids in the 21st Century

My husband likes to call himself my “techno-daddy” which is less insulting than my calling him my “techno-weinie” but whatever.  As a computer guy, he knows about this techno-mumbo-jumbo and I am apparently becoming dumber by the minute by allowing him to be my techno-daddy.  Because while I may have figured out how to make the VCR’s clock tell time back in 1992, I am completely befuddled by some of the stuff in my house these days.

Of course, programming the VCR turns out to have been very simple.  Watching the television these days is not.

So most days, my kiddos have to hear me say, “I’m sorry but I can’t figure this out.  You’ll have to wait until dad gets home.”  They’re adaptable tho’, my kids.  Yesterday they watched a Batman movie with no sound, because for the life of me, I have no idea what he did to disconnect the receiver.

My, What a Big Screen You HaveMy house is a technological wonderland.  A flawed one, but a wonderland never the less.  We have one of those flat-screen monstrosities hanging on our basement wall and yet we can’t watch much more than a black screen on it because my husband is still researching which technological device will best suit our needs.  Out of sick-kid-desperation, I flipped through all the channels on the boob-tube and allowed them to make a selection.

It came down to the Spanish-language channel (it looked like perhaps a news report) and the religious channel.  Apparently they’d had enough of watching a show without a sound-track they could follow, because they picked the religious channel.  According to my kids, The Bibleman is just a little bit too weird for general consumption.

Maybe in a few years, I’ll figure out how to make an antenna out of a wire coat hanger and my kids will be able to watch PBS like normal non-cable-owning kids.