Ooh, Missive Boobs. I Gotta Get Me Some of Those!

Periodically folks like me find things that strike our funny bones.  Now I realize that my sense of humor lies somewhere between a 7th grade boy’s and someone slightly disturbed, but I try to not look at that as a major character flaw.  In fact, back when I has a high school English teacher, it added some necessary comedic relief.  Need a reference point to flesh that out?  How about, never say “tongue-in-cheek” in a room of 9th graders.  Or, when using a personal anecdote to illustrate a point, keep in mind that “thongs” mean something a wee bit different to today’s youth than back in the 70s.  Of course, I was always the one laughing the hardest over such conversational mishaps.  You would be amazed at my lack of decorum whenever somebody had the bean and cheese burrito for lunch.  (Why would school cafeterias do such a thing????)

So you can probably image how much mirth I find in typographical errors.  Specifically ones about missive boobs.  It is amazing how many folks hit this site by searching for “missive boobs” – which I’m thinking are supposed to be “massive boobs.”  You know, I’m not really sure I’m doing much for those lonely folks.

Just what would a missive boob look like?  Hmm, “letter” + “slang for breast” = not probably what the poor soul was hoping for, yes?  I’m thinking of those really saggy-baggy types – they’d fit in an envelope but talk about extra postage.

Which reminds me of the time a co-worker came back from lunch and told me, “You have got to see what is happening out in the parking lot!”

So, I head out to my car for my lunch break and really, it still boggles my mind all these years later.  There, still safely buckled into her seat was a woman, nursing her baby who was also still safely buckled into his/her car seat.  Let’s just imagine the laws of physics and gravity involved here.  Those were some amazing boobs.  Even more amazing was the fact that she was doing it.  I mean, who really thinks, “gosh, it’s just such a pain to get the baby out of the car seat and then back into it.  Let’s just see if this works.”

Of course, maybe it is just pure sour grapes on my part.  If I’d ever tried it, let’s just say that would not have been a successful venture.

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