White Lies and Dissemblance

There are a whole host of opportunities that arise that lead to what we like to call white lies and we gramma-philes like to call dissemblance.  Times when you just don’t mention how someone’s new outfit actually maximizes figure flaws, or when you emphasize the horrendous traffic as an explanation for your tardiness.  You know, times like that.  Looks like I’m having a variety of such a moment right now.  However, in this case, it has to do with my son and his mystery illness.

If you’ve not been hiding under a rock, you are well aware of the great fear factor of H1N1, aka the Swine Flu.  I’m pretty sure my son has it.  Let’s see what the symptoms are:  low-grade fever, nausea and vomiting, body aches, headache, the list continues.  Starting last Thursday we’ve been vacillating between the “is this the normal flu?” and the “could this be the swine flu?”  A call to his doctor’s office was no help.  Basically, stay at home, rest, and don’t pester us unless your child is blue and life-less.  (That may be a slight exaggeration, but not too far from the truth.)

So, we stayed home and rested and basically coped with a sick kid.  Then, the low-grade fever went away and he started to look like his normal little self.  I even sent him to school yesterday.  And then last night he tells me, “mom, my head hurts again.”  Whoa, slug-boy had returned.  Or, perhaps I should say porcine-boy, because after convincing myself many times over that this was just the normal flu (which he’d received the vaccination for 15 days before his symptoms started), I am now pretty sure he’s got the swine flu and our whole house is just a teeming vat of germs.

Where’s the white lie, you ask?  Well, I phoned his clinic and when they started in on the whole “stay home and rest” doo-hickey, I just side-stepped the whole thing by saying, “well, he was sick last week, improved, but now has a worse cough and more wheezing.  I just want him to be checked to see if he has bronchitis or something like that.”  Do I think he has bronchitis?  No, not really.  But I do have just a wee dose of the swine-flu hysteria and would like to hear that my kiddo is going to be okay.  After all, I’ve seen this kiddo have pneumonia 3 times and breathing issues are not too cute on your kiddo at say 3 in the morning.

Oh, and the school just called to tell me that they have Isaac down in the nurse’s office with a fever and needs to be picked up.  It was with a giggle that I got to tell them that my Isaac was laying on the couch with a fever, so they must have the wrong mom.  Sounds like the whole school is turning a bit porcine.