Snuggle Bugs and Sniffles

We’ve been back to school for a month and a half and so you knew it was bound to happen – sick kid.  And if you’ve ever lived in close quarters with folks, you know that one sick kid equals a sick family.  It’s really only a matter of time.  So I have been trying to get all the kids to suck down Vitamin C chews (only one taker who shudders the whole time;  it’s quite entertaining) and figure out a way to make chicken noodle soup taste more like a Happy Meal (or some such thing). The best part is that if you were the primary parent during the infant stage, it seems that you are the default parent whenever things go bump in the night or are accompanied by phlegm.  So when the 3 year old got up at 3 coughing and hacking, this mama was up as well.

In my house, that means “up and snuggling” as well.  I pity the woman (or man if that is the case) who ends of partnered with my son – that kid has limbs like an octopus.  One ’round my neck, one ’round my arm, and his legs wrapped around mine.  Very comfy what with the Darth Vader heavy breathing in my face as well.  All I could think about was all the germs showering me with love for the nearly 2 hours it took me to get him back to sleep AND extricate myself from his sweaty clutches.

There are times when being loved is such a wonderful thing.