So, I Suppose a Pony Is Out?

Last August, my animal loving daughter headed to my parents’ “almost farm” for a short visit.  While there, she took a little trip around the corral upon the back of some sweet natured unnamed horse.  I’m sure a few of you already know where this is going, yes?

My sister took photographic evidence of the event, and when I opened that email attachment, I knew my nice little urban lifestyle had been upset.  The look of pure joy and happiness on her face told me all I really needed to know about what lie in my future.

So the other night I asked her what she was hoping she’d get for her birthday.  Along came the usual suspects: Littlest Pet Shop critters, Barbie dolls, pink things.  Then she looked up at me through her lashes and said,

“So, I suppose a pony is out, right?”

Oh you  betcha, sweetheart.